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LGTBQ Valentine’s Day Cards That You Will Be Excited to Give Your Sweetheart

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Feb 03, 2022

LGTBQ Valentine’s Day Cards That You Will Be Excited to Give Your Sweetheart

In the very heteronormative world we live in, finding LGBTQ-focused Valentine’s Day anything can be more of a challenge. Of course, there is a sea of options for straight couples this time of year, but finding Valentine’s Day cards that aren’t exclusively for a man and a woman is not as easy as going to your nearest store’s greeting card section (and finding a WLW card might just be the rarest of all!). 

Luckily, there are now more options for queer and nonbinary couples to actually find Valentine’s Day cards that represent their relationships. Keep reading for some queer-friendly Valentine’s Day inspo to give to your boo this V-day.

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Where Can I find a Card?

While traditional greeting card sections still fall short of being inclusive of all types of relationships under the rainbow, there are plenty more options for LGBTQ+ cards online and from small businesses. We’ve found Etsy to be the holy grail for finding unique V-day cards, as well as some other queer-owned, hand-crafted stationery brands for an added special touch.

The Queer Store

Bond over this unique “You’re the Trixie to my Katya” drag queen V-day card.

TheQueerStore on Etsy is the place for LGBTQ+ cards and gifts. Their most popular cards are drag queen and queer-pop-culture centric, and they definitely make a bold statement to your special person.

Little Rainbow Paper Co.

“Gay Bae” candy-heart card for your queer dear.

Little Rainbow Paper Co. is a woman-owned small stationery and gift store originally created to bring “more diverse and expansive options for all kinds of people to show love, affection, friendship and joy for each other.” What a perfect way to both support an awesome business and find an adorable card for your loved one.

The Punky Bunny

You won’t find these queer vegan cards at your local drug store.
You won’t find these queer vegan cards at your local drug store.

For that special queer vegan in your life– and there are many of them out there– The Punky Bunny on Etsy is the place to shop! They make vegan-inspired and inclusive stationery and gifts perfect for the animal lover you love. But, in the name of being inclusive, if you aren’t vegan they’ve still got you covered with some cute, punny food art.

Sophie Kathleen Shop

“I’m So Proud To Be Your Partner” customizable love card from Sophie Kathleen.

Sophie Kathleen is a queer illustrator + artist from the UK, and they make some of the cutest LGBTQ+ greeting cards we’ve ever seen. Not only are these V-day cards sure to make your partner say, “awwww,” they are also customizable to accurately represent you and your partner’s relationship and genders. 

Amelia Ellwood

“I’m so gay for you.” Quirky and cute card from Amelia Ellwood.

Amelia Ellwood on Etsy sells plastic-free, colorful, and LGBTQ-inclusive greetings cards & prints perfect for Valentine’s Day. If your partner likes puns and/or cute food art, this is the shop to check out.

Samples of LGBTQ Valentine’s Day Cards

Need some more inspo for queer-friendly Valentine’s Day cards? From sapphic romance to gender-neutral V-day art, we’ve found even more designs that your partner is sure to appreciate.

Labels are for Cereal!

This “Labels Are For Cereal” card from Ladyfingers Letterpress, an LGBTQIA+-owned stationery and gift brand, is the perfect Valentine’s card for your gender non-conforming or label-free boo. Plus, it’s a little work of art they will cherish forever.

Partner in Crime

Daniela Amyot’s Etsy shop itsfunnyhowww hosts a wide variety of lesbian, feminist prints including this wlw “My Partner in Crime” card. What a breath of fresh air from straight-centric V-day selections!

Love You A Latte

Egg Press hand-makes all their cards in Portland, Oregon, including this gender-neutral “I Love You a Latte” love card. For those with a non-binary partner, Egg Press has a ton of adorable, quirky designs with no gender norms in sight. Plus, they are dedicated to supporting trans artists of color and trans, Black, and environmental non-profits.

Vintage Sapphic Love

This vintage-inspired sapphic love V-day card from Etsy is sure to make your partner swoon! It’s truly a work of art that any sapphic person would love to receive.

Tarot Card

For that witchy person in your life, this unique tarot-inspired Valentine’s card from Foursided is absolutely perfect. They also have many more sweet prints and gifts to choose from.

Happy V-day… In a Gay Way

Your queer Valentine will love this V-day card from Etsy…in a gay way.

How to Create Your Own

If you’re having difficulty finding a card that looks like your relationship, or you just want to add your own thoughtful touch, creating an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day card from scratch is always a great option– and it can show you’ve gone the extra mile.

For more inspiration on Valentine’s Day card ideas, Pinterest is your best friend! This queer Valentine’s Pinterest board is a great start. You can also print free downloads from Pinterest to incorporate into your card’s design. 

To make the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your Valentine, follow these simple steps:

  1. Figure out their style. You probably know it off the top of your head, but make a card in an artistic style you know they will appreciate.
  2. Think of things they like. Cats, sushi, mushy quotes- think of something your partner loves to make your card extra special.
  3. Gather your supplies. Your card can include paper, heart cut-outs, stickers, drawings, paintings, etc., so get all the supplies you’ll need.
  4. Write your card. Include a heart-warming or funny message- whatever your style may be!

Writing that Special Message

Whether you’ve made your own card or found one with blank pages, writing a special message inside can make all the difference for your Valentine. Hand-written letters are a lost art, and they can do so much to make someone feel special!

Take the time to craft a message that makes your Valentine feel extra loved (or that just makes them laugh). If your partner is the romantic type, include a mini love letter or poem! Whatever you and your partner’s style is, use this as an opportunity to make your Valentine’s Day that much more special.

Creating Your Own Traditions

While Valentine’s traditions are historically straight-love-centric, we can always add our own LGBTQ+ flare or even create our own traditions! Some Valentine’s tradition ideas you can do to celebrate love with your boo-thang are:

  • Watch an LGBTQ+ romance movie.
  • Give each other both flowers. 
  • Bake a delicious treat together (heart-shaped of course).
  • Make a special dinner together. V-day cocktails, alcoholic or not, make a great addition.
  • Have a self-care day– pamper yourselves and each other.
  • Do something you both love to do– hiking, making art, gardening, getting your nails done, window shopping, etc.
  • Eat lots of chocolate.

Other Special, Unique Gifts

In addition to getting the perfect queer-friendly card for your Valentine’s, giving each other gifts is a nice way to show your love on this special day. Some Valentine’s gifts perfect for your LGBTQ+ partner include:

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