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How to Celebrate The Superbowl in Queer Fashion

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Feb 04, 2022

How to Celebrate The Superbowl in Queer Fashion
  • It’s that time of year again! Superbowl Sunday is quickly approaching. What’s a better way to celebrate than getting your squad together for a Super Queer Superbowl Party! 

    Whether you enjoy watching the game or you only tune in for the Halftime Show and funny commercials, this is a great time to make some memories with your squad. There’s no better time than the biggest TV event, root for your favorite team and enjoy some good times.

    Look no further to get some tips for how to make your Super Queer Superbowl Party unforgettable.

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    The Party Starts With the Guest List

    You could say that the success of any party lies within the guest list. You could have a huge Superbowl gathering and invite almost everyone that you know, or an intimate get-together with your chosen family or special someone. 

    Send themed invitations to all of your party guests, maybe football-themed or using colors from queer flags from your respective identities. These can be physical invitations or an e-vite, but you can take this opportunity to make it more special than a simple text message.

    This is also a great time to think of where you want to have the party. Do you want to hold the party at your house or apartment? Maybe you want to go all out and find a venue for a bigger party? Either way, you can never have a boring Superbowl with a star guest list and a great venue.

    It’s All About the Decor and Theme

    The theme of the party is the time to go all out with your creativity. You can use typical Superbowl decor if you have a team that you’re rooting for or football-themed decorations. You can hang up signs repping your team or get shirts for all of your party guests with different teams you support.

    It’s not necessary to make it a football-themed party, though. Rep your queer identity by having a rainbow extravaganza. Decorate your venue from head to toe with colorful decorations to show pride in your sexuality. Have sparkles, glitz, and glamour everywhere to set the funky mood. 

    This could also be a great opportunity to decorate with some handmade art or have each of your friends bring a piece of art to jazz up the space.

    Let’s Talk Food and Beverage Menu

    Many people may argue that the food and drinks are the most important part of the Superbowl party. Some may only show up to the party for the food. (kidding- or not lol!) There’s no better way to make sure your guests are pleased than having some good food.

    Show your great chef skills by making an unforgettable spread for your guests. Cook your best recipe or try out something you’ve been waiting to get some opinions on. Have a potluck-style party where everyone brings something that they love, to have a unique set of dishes. Support the queer community by getting some food from local queer-owned restaurants. Try adding some vegan or healthy meals to accommodate all diets.

    No Superbowl party is complete without appetizers, so have some chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, vegetables, and dip, or whatever you like! Add some unique cocktails or mocktails to add the finishing touch.

    Gametime Games: Keep Everyone’s Interests

    Of course, at a Superbowl party, the Superbowl is the main game. You can start the party each by making a bet on what team you want to win and have some kind of prize at the end. Make the prizes something besides money for a unique twist. Try finding small items like candles, jewelry, or art prints.

    Besides bets on the game, it may still be fun to add some party games to have something fun to do. There are many party games including Out of Bounds, Cards Against Humanity, and some created by queer creators including, The Queer Agenda and Bye Felicia.

    You can take it one step further if you have a gaming system or a VR set to immerse everyone in something fun. Adding in drinks (alcoholic or not!) can bring simple party games to a whole new level.

    Take-Home Bags: Be the Party of The Year

    An unforgettable Queer Superbowl party isn’t complete without something to take home with you. Make goodie bags for all of your guests to take on their way out the door. A cute themed bag repping your favorite teams or with different football-themed items will be perfect. Try keychains, shirts, a personalized photo, or candy and treats.

    This is a great opportunity to show off your skills if you make homemade items as well. Put your artwork, homemade soaps or lotions, or even homemade baked goods. For smaller parties, you can personalize each guest’s bag based on their personalities for a thoughtful touch.

    Try colors from different queer flags to show off your sexuality and pride. Personalize the colors on each bag depending on your guest’s identities! 

    Find Your Inner Circle with HER

    Still, looking for a squad to invite to your Super Queer Superbowl Party? Look no further than HER. You can find a loving queer circle within the app in many different ways. You can find someone one on one, or join groups or events. You’ll have no problem finding an inclusive community and possibly a new chosen family to invite to your party. 

    You don’t have to watch the Superbowl alone, download HER today!

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