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Most Popular LGBTQ+ Sports Bars To View The SuperBowl

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Feb 08, 2022

Most Popular LGBTQ+ Sports Bars To View The SuperBowl

As a small part of the progress the world has made in supporting the LGBTQ+ community, the sports world is now more inclusive of queer folks than ever before. Whereas in the past more people assumed that the LGBTQ+ community had little interest in keeping up with sports, dozens of queer sports bars now exist around the country that recognize the importance of including gay people in this space. 

If you are searching for the perfect gay-friendly sports bars to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered together some of the best LGBTQ+ bars for you and your friends to have a safe space to cheer on your favorite team this year. 

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What Makes The Perfect Viewing Atmosphere

Super Bowl Sunday is one of America’s biggest, if not the biggest, unofficial holidays, and sports fans definitely treat it that way! Sports bars’ atmospheres are sure to be packed and full of excitement for the most important sports event of the year. 

For those in the LGBTQ+ community wanting to be a part of the football frenzy, finding a safe atmosphere amongst the sea of straight people is priority #1. From the West and East Coasts to the Midwest, we’ve got you covered with options for some must-go queer sports bars to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday the right way.

LGBTQ+ Sports Bars on The West Coast

Madison Pub

Madison Pub is a gay sports bar in Seattle located in the gay-friendly neighborhood of Capitol Hill. This bar includes all the sports bar essentials including darts, pool, video games, pinball, and screens for viewing the game, making it the perfect safe space for sports lovers in the Emerald City.

Gym Sportsbar

The first and only gay sports bar in Los Angeles, Gym Sportsbar is the West Hollywood spot to celebrate the big game in an LGBT-inclusive space. One of many bars to struggle during the pandemic, they’re now up and running again and host a wide variety of fun events, including a Super Bowl Sunday viewing party.

Hi Tops

Located in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hi Tops is a gay sports bar perfect for celebrating the Super Bowl. With a fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and great food, this bar is sure to make your football-watching experience a memorable one.

Boycott Bar

Boycott Bar is a lesbian bar and club in Pheonix, AZ, perfect for lesbians and queer folks who want to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in a lively, inclusive place. It’s one of only 21 lesbian bars remaining in the country, so come support your favorite team and keep this safe space alive!

Gossip Grill

Gossip Grill in San Diego is a fun LGBTQ+ women-centric bar with a more femme atmosphere. They serve craft cocktails and yummy food, as well as host fun events including a huge Super Bowl viewing party. Their giant indoor LED screen makes this the perfect spot for lesbians and queer folks to enjoy the biggest sports event of the year in a welcoming environment.

The Garage

The Garage is a sports-themed gay bar in Las Vegas, NV with an unbeatable sports-watching atmosphere. In this decked-out interior with sports decor in every corner, the bar is your ‘gas station’ for fueling up as you watch the big game on one of their many TVs, all while being surrounded by fellow sports-loving LGBTQ+ folks.

Must-Goes if You Are on The East Coast

A League of Her Own

A League of Her Own, or “Aloho” for short, is a Washington D.C.-based lesbian sports bar. Perhaps the only one of its kind, this lesbian bar is a place for “people who have not found their place elsewhere,” and it’s the perfect spot for queer folks in D.C. to connect and enjoy sports together. Aloho is hosting a big Super Bowl Sunday event this February, so go support an amazing business that gives back to its community in endless ways!

Woofs Sports Bar

Woofs Sports Bar in Atlanta, GA is the city’s one and only gay sports bar that has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community and Atlanta non-profit programs since 2002. Sports spectators love this inclusive spot with over 27 TVs to watch the game.

Boxers NYC

Boxers is one of the most popular gay-sports-bar chains in the nation, with their flagship location in Chelsea, NYC. The sports bar hosts both game-day, RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing, and of course Super Bowl Sunday watching parties for the LGBTQ+ community to enjoy.

Trophy Room

Trophy Room is a classy gay sports bar located in Boston with a modern interior, delicious food, and tons of screens to watch sports. Come back for drag queen bingo and brunch on other Sundays too!

Cathedral Station

Cathedral Station is another must-see gay sports bar located in Boston. This large bar with its beautiful interior and vaulted ceilings make for a unique and memorable Super Bowl Sunday-watching experience.

Midwest Picks That Will Have You Coming Back

Rosie’s Tavern

This historic tavern dating back to 1896 is currently a popular LGBTQ-friendly sports bar in Covington, KY. This establishment is “dedicated to providing a safe place where customers can come in for a variety of great drinks and a fun time”. With pool and great drinks in a dimly-lit, dive-bar-esque environment, this inclusive space is the perfect spot to watch the Super Bowl with fellow queer folks. 

North End

This gay sports bar in Chicago has been a safe space for sports-loving queer folks since 1983. With all the best drinks on tap, pool, darts, and tons of sports screens, this spot is perfect for a safe and fun environment to root for your favorite football team.

Walker’s Pint

Walker’s Pint, based in Milwaukee, WI, is the city’s oldest lesbian bar. This lesbian sports bar is the last remaining in Milwaulkee, so go support and help them stay afloat! Plus, right across the street is Fluid, another Milwaulkee gay bar to support this unofficial holiday.

Blush & Blu

The last remaining lesbian bar in Denver, Blush & Blu, is the perfect place for lesbians and queer folks to watch the Super Bowl and support one of the nation’s remaining few lesbian bars.

Create Your Own Super Bowl Bar Atmosphere

Can’t find a gay bar in your area that suits your Super Bowl Sunday vibe? We can always create our own Super Bowl experience at home that is sure to feel comfortable and fun. Some must-haves for hosting your own LGBTQ-friendly Super Bowl party with that classic sports bar atmosphere are:

  • Bar games. Darts, pool, etc!
  • Oily finger food. Fries, dips, tater tots, nachos, and more.
  • Queer music.
  • A big screen + speakers.
  • Bartending station. Extra points for drinks on tap!
  • Fellow sports-lovers (that will cheer as loud as you).

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