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Our Favorite Queer, Black-Owned Businesses

Robyn Exton

Jan 28, 2022

Our Favorite Queer, Black-Owned Businesses
  • We LOVE checking out and supporting businesses year-round that are queer AND Black-owned. There are so many amazing companies out there trying creative new things – from highlighting books by BIPOC/LGBTQ2S+ writers to providing the most nourishing skincare. Supporting them is a great way to provide direct support to the livelihood of the queer, Black community.

    We compiled our favorites so it’s easier than ever for you to support too!

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    Progressive Babe Co.

    Source: Progressive Babe Co. on Instagram

    Progressive Babe Co. is an apparel and merchandise company with a passion for fostering inclusion and a commitment to amplifying progress. Their products are designed to help welcome us to grow, feel included, and feel safe. Their mission is to help hold and foster inclusion everywhere. Plus they have some super cool clothes that should be in everyone’s wardrobe!

    Shop Progressive Babe Co. on their website and check them out on Instagram @progressivebabeco.

    New Suns

    Source: New Suns on Instagram

    Want to read more from authors that are BIPOC and/or queer? The New Suns quarterly book subscription box is for you! New Suns puts a focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ literature and chooses books by up-and-coming or lesser-known authors. The aim is to provide subscribers with books they’ll love but may have never heard of!

    You can subscribe to the box on their website and check them out on Instagram @newsunsbox.

    Sis Got Tea

    Source: Sis Got Tea on Instagram

    Sis Got Tea is a Black, LGBTQ+, woman-owned tea shop/cafe. From white tea, to black tea, to herbal tea, to merch, they have something for everyone. If you love a good cup of tea, you’ll love Sis Got Tea’s collection. AND they’re also raising money to open up a cafe/event space in Louisville, KY as a sober, safe space for the queer community!

    Shop teas on the Sis Got Tea website, support their Go Fund Me, and check them out on Instagram @sisgotteaky.

    Tawa Threads Co.

    Source: Tawa Threads Co. on Instagram

    Tawa Threads Co. is a national park-inspired home goods company bringing awareness to diverse outdoor narratives. Its mission is to provide products that honor the community, with the end goal to educate, diversify, and inspire. AND for every purchase, proceeds are donated to a range of programs working relentlessly on diversity initiatives in outdoor spaces.

    Shop for designs and decor on the Tawa Threads website and check them out on Instagram @tawathreads.

    3 Candle Company

    Source: 3 Candle Company on Instagram

    3 Candle Company is a holistic brand that produces small batches of 100% soy candles. Their luxury candles are hand-poured in NYC, environmentally safe, and long-lasting. Their mission is to celebrate the creativity of minority-made products while being “BLACK, QUEER & LIT 🧙🏾‍♂️”! Check out their awesome candles for all your ambiance needs.

    Shop 3 Candle Company’s luxury candles on their website and check them out on Instagram @3candlecompanyllc.

    Xenn Escentials

    Source: Xenn Escentials on Instagram

    Xenn Escentials creates handmade wellness products for self-care. Their motto is “Xenn The Body, Xenn The Soul.” They believe that caring for your skin is the first step to caring for your mind and soul. Xenn Escentials are handmade in small batches out of Queens, NY to ensure that customers are receiving the quality they deserve.

    Shop bath bombs and more on the Xenn Escentials website and check them out on Instagram @xenn.escentials.

    Do you have favorites we should know about? Tell us on Twitter @hersocialapp.

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    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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