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Sapphic Flag – How it looks

The sapphic flag is one of many LGBTQ flags that are hard to understand and easy to forget. You can tell the sapphic flag from the normal rainbow flag because the only colors on the sapphic flag are pink, orange, and white. Not sure who picked those colors but we’ll take it! 

The sapphic flag is a pink, orange, and white flag dedicated to sapphics, aka gay, bi, and pansexual women. It should be waved proudly and gayly.

While we’re not really sure what the LGBTQ flags are for — are we representing different LGBTQ countries? — it’s still nice to feel seen. Often spotted at Pride parades and dyke marches all over the world, the sapphic flag is a symbol that represents gay, bi, and pan women everywhere. And since cis gay men, particularly white cis gay men, tend to dominate the conversation around LGBTQIA issues internationally, it’s important that queer women have a way of getting their voices heard. 

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What’s the history of the sapphic flag?

The original version of the sapphic flag was pink and red and had a lipstick print on the upper left corner. Many people thought it was butchphobic and so new colors have since been introduced, including a brown stripe for lesbians of color. Some of the other new colors are said to represent different aspects of sapphics like gender nonconformity, independence, and community. 

We stan an inclusive flag!! 

This is part of our official queer glossary – check it out!