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The Ultimate San Francisco Guide: 15 Lesbian Bars, Events, and Orgs You Need to Know

Mar 18, 2015

The Ultimate San Francisco Guide: 15 Lesbian Bars, Events, and Orgs You Need to Know

So, you live in San Francisco. You’re queer. And you’re like, What’s up for the ladies? You’re a lesbian visiting The Bay Area and your partner wants to plan a couple dates. Where do you go? You’re a single, bisexual female and you’re all, Where them girls at… no really. Where are they?
HER has done the very important work of helping you get your gay on in what is arguably the gayest city in America. It’s easy to mistake San Francisco as a very LGBT-friendly place, when it’s mostly the G that has all the fun. Check out the following events, venues, etc. for a more female-centric, lesbian-specific, lady friendly SF. (scroll down for parties)


SF PridePhoto courtesy of San Francisco PRIDE via Facebook

San Francisco PRIDE. Add this celebration to your bucket list if you haven’t spent a PRIDE weekend in San Francisco. This year’s official event will be held on June 27th & 28th. We all know that what PRIDE needs is more women. More LESBIANS. So let’s all gather in Dolores park on Saturday, June 27th to let the city know we’re here. Make sure to follow their official page on facebook for year-round updates:
San Francisco Dyke March. Remember that thing I just said about lesbians? The San Francisco Dyke March is looking at June 27th this year, so let’s walk with them! Dyke March is a celebration of all dykes to raise awareness and build community through an annual Rally and March. Every year there is a theme that informs the speakers at the event and the overall message it communicates. The March is led by a sound truck, filled with DJs and dykes of color. They march through the Mission- with blocks and blocks of dykes and allies as far as you can see. The SF Dyke March is always looking for volunteers – Email: And stay up to date on Facebook, here:

dyke march 1Photo courtesy of SF Dyke March via Facebook

San Francisco LGBT Community Center. A special place just for us! The Center opened in 2002 and is the only non-profit in San Francisco serving all members of the LGBT community. The Center works to connect the diverse community in San Francisco to opportunities, resources, and each other for a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBT people and our allies. They celebrate our history and culture while fostering opportunities for growth, organizing for the future, and building resources to create a legacy for generations to come. The Center provides innovative services for those most in need and cultural programs to unite us all. Visit their website, Like them on Facebook: & check out their 2015 Soiree “Limitless: A Celebration of Our Community’s Future” – tickets at
Castro Theatre. Whether you’re watching a film or sitting amidst 1,200 lesbians who tech, the Castro Theatre is a must-visit in San Francisco. Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along, anyone? I think, yes. It’s a beautiful beacon in the gayest neighborhood you’ll ever see, sporting an old-school ticket booth and stunning 1920’s movie palace architecture. Visit their website to book your tickets today & check them out on Facebook:!

lwt '14Photo courtesy of Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech. Founded in San Francisco by Leanne Pittsford, Lesbians Who Tech (LWT fondly) is a community of queer women in and around Tech. What better city to explore your Tech roots or support the Techy woman you love than San Francisco. Learn more about their mission here and Like them on Facebook: Don’t miss an event!
Lesbian & Gay Chorus of San Francisco. Don’t just shout it, sing it from the rooftops! Celebrating all sexual orientations and gender identities, LGCSF provides an open and artistic environment for singers committed to musical excellence. Their performances entertain, educate, and inspire audiences with the spirit of inclusion and harmony. Sign up for their mailing list, or contact Alyssa Stone to join (it’s only $30-$40/mo. with scholarships available!) LGCSF meets for rehearsals weekly on Thursdays from 7pm-10pm at the First Congregational Church of San Francisco, 1300 Polk Street. Concerts and events are held throughout the year. Follow their schedule on Facebook:


Uhaul_HER_Party_FinalPhoto courtesy of HER via Facebook

UHAUL. Coming at you every third Friday of the month, Jolene Linsangan brings you the best that Beatbox SF has to offer the ladies. It’s worth the night out after a long week. This month UHAUL is hosting the official HER Launch Party in San Francisco and it is bound to be the best. night. ever. Better yet, show up before 10:30pm and get 50% OFF cover (regularly $10) for showing your HER app at the door. Stay in touch with all of UHAUL’s events on Facebook:

the lexPhoto courtesy of Bernalwood

The Lex. The Lexington Club might be closing, but it’s not closed yet! This iconic lesbian bar in San Francisco’s Mission district is a must-visit. Check out their schedule of events coming up to commemorate all of the good times we’ve shared at The Lex:
Mango. (4th Saturday of the month) This all-day, outdoor party is legendary in San Francisco – 18 years old to be exact. Mango is a must-go for those of you visiting from out of town. With hiphop, margaritas, and a really mixed crowd, you can easily lose a day here. Just make sure to hit El Rio before 4pm to avoid the line around the block. Catch all Mango-related-news on Facebook:

SwitchPhoto courtesy of Shot in the City Photography

Switch SF. Switch SF is always there for you… Well, at least, every Tuesday at Qbar from 9pm-2am. They play everything from Disclosure to Taylor Swift to Lil John to Queen bae Beyonce so be prepared to dance, dance. Switch is run by queer/lesbian girls that believe in creating an inclusive space for all queer identities. They typically pull a crowd of local gay, lesbian, queer and trans people, with a smathering of out-of-towners. Switch strives to create a positive space by celebrating our diverse community. Additionally they try to keep each Tuesday different. Once a month they have a photo booth designed and created by Shot in the City Photography. Like them on Facebook:
Cockblock. (Second Saturday of the month) After 9 years, Cockblock SF still brings you the best crowd of women you’ve seen in San Francisco. Stationed at Rickshaw Stop, you won’t want to head home when 2am rolls around, unless it’s with someone special. Visit Cockblock SF on Facebook:

pussy partyPhoto courtesy of Pussy Party via Facebook

Pussy Party. Pussy Party is the newest kid on the block, but this Wednesday night party is definitely here to stay. With different themes every week, check out oil wrestling, gogo dancers, BABEtenders and drink specials at Beaux SF. It’s worth staying awake on a hump day or two. Be in the know by liking them on Facebook:
Ships in the Night. Ships in The Night is the fastest growing, and undoubtedly coolest (dare I say Hipster), lesbian party in town. You WILL have to cross the bridge, but you don’t want to miss this queer dance party in Oakland where almost every night is a fundraiser to support a local cause. Great parties, great music, great crowd and supporting local projects? Win. Keep up with the goodness on Facebook:

Hella GayPhoto courtesy of Morgan Parrick Photography

Hella Gay. You will miss the BART. I’m just sayin’. Hella Gay Dance Party will have you out in Oakland until 2am every time. Its an open, sexy, love-yourself kind of party with a special emphasis on creating a safe space for queer people. Hella Gay is all about the music… the kind that makes you dance (Hip Hop, Trap, Indie, R&B, EDM, Pop, House, Trip-Hop, Slap, Dance, Bedroom-Pop, Club, Bangers). Find info about their upcoming events on Facebook:
Cotton Pony. This party is SO NEW it hasn’t even happened yet. Check out the Inner Richmond’s resident girl party at Neck of the Woods every last Saturday of the month beginning March 28th at 9:00pm. You’ll always know when it’s that time of the month… to head to cotton pony! RSVP on Facebook:

city hall pridePhoto courtesy of

What are you doing for Lesbian women in San Francisco? Let us know. We want to feature you!
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for future guides to our Lesbian & Queer San Francisco – including The Best East Bay Events, The Bay Area Meetup Guide, and Top SF Lesbians on Insta. If there’s something we missed, email me at Oh yea, don’t forget to…


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