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The Thirsty Thurvey: FLINTA speak out on sex, hookups, and FWBs during Pride

Jun 13, 2023

The Thirsty Thurvey: FLINTA speak out on sex, hookups, and FWBs during Pride
  • New HER user survey shows people are extra thirsty to hook up this summer at Pride, but Gen X is the thirstiest of us all 

    It’s officially Pride month, and nothing makes us happier at HER than our users connecting and coming together! We also know that Pride is classically just one big thirst trap for hot queers worldwide to see and be seen. According to our most recent Thirstier Than Ever user survey, 64% of respondents said they met their last hookup via a dating app. HER is here to help nudge along all those potential ‘connections’ for our users this Pride month.

    Introducing Thirst Mode – a 60-minute unlimited extravaganza of likes, swipes, and profile boosts. HER is launching Thirst Mode special for our user family for Pride month (and beyond). Standout to HER’s hottest users! See who likes you and enjoy unlimited likes and swipes while you’re in Thirst Mode. 

    Whether you are Gen Z, a millennial, or a Gen X-er, our users told us they love to hook up at Pride. While collectively (40%) of queers surveyed are ideally hoping to hook up with a friend at Pride (the classic “friend with benefits” arrangement… how gay!). 50% of our Gen X users, specifically those over 50, said their ideal Pride hookup is a threesome or group sex – dirty, hot, delicious! 

    To support ALL of our incredible, hot, and horny users this Pride, HER is giving our community 60 minutes of Thirst Mode to use at their discretion. Use it wisely! After that, users can unleash Thirst Mode in bundles starting at $5.99 for a single use and up to $24.99 for 10 thirst traps. 

    With great power comes great responsibility! (We’re positive this is what Aunt May had in mind when she uttered these famous words to Spiderman)

    To learn more about Thirst Mode or to download the HER app, visit the Apple App Store today (also available on Android). 

    To read more of the juicy details from our Thirstier Than Ever user survey, keep reading! 

    We’ve run a lot of fun sexy surveys this year, and the one trend that keeps popping up (and correlates to other sex surveys being run) is Gen Z continues to trend less sexual than other generations. What did surprise us was the overwhelming thirst, openness, and kinkiness of Gen X (specifically the older half of that generation). Millennials continue to be the cream in the Oreo, connecting the two age groups and trending solidly in the middle. 

    Let’s talk about spontaneity!

    We asked our users if they planned their last hookup or if it was spontaneous. The overall sentiment of the combined respondent group was essentially 50 / 50, but when you break the answers out by age group, it tells a different story. 83% of users over 50 are out there hooking up with people spontaneously, while the younger generations are pretty split on the matter. 

    Go to where the hot people roam

    When choosing a specific location to find a potential hook up at, most of our users are going to places where the people are hot (49% of total respondents). Breaking down those motivations by age group, Gen X will specifically go to a location because they know their crush is there (we love the motivation!)millennials tend to visit a classic hookup spot (direct and to the point!) and Gen Z goes to where the hot folks gather. 


    How much talking is too much talking? What about discussions around consent and boundaries? Overall, 53.44% of queers are wanting open, honest convos about boundaries and  expectations, with 25% of respondents just hoping to break the ice. Those hot and horny Gen X-ers, though, were divided: 50% want to keep the mystery with minimal conversation. 

    STIs and Safe Sex 

    53.33% of queers surveyed said they did talk about STI history during their most recent hookup. Millennials are actually leading the charge here, with 57.14% talking about STI disclosure. Over 75% of respondents are NOT using any kind of safe sex barrier, such as latex gloves, dental dams, etc. (with Gen Z and Gen X amongst the highest in the survey group NOT using any kind of safe sex barrier). And while our community is historically very low risk for STIs, we would love to gently remind everyone that safety and disclosure is sexy! We empower you to destigmatize these discussions and make the use of barriers sexy AF (have you all seen Lorals wearable dental dams? Being safe never looked so hot!). 

    Hit it and Keep Them Around … for a Bit

    Our community loves a hookup, but we really love repeat hookups even more! 30.38% of our total respondents like to hook up with the same person more regularly (which tracks with the trend of wanting to hook up with a friend with bennies). Only 13% of respondents are hitting and quitting it once, with 27% of respondents keeping people around for 2-3 hookups. 


    HER is wishing everyone a thirsty and fun Pride month! Have fun, be safe, and be unapologetically thirsty!

    Evie keeps queer journalists updated about everything going on at HER. Reach out if you're doing a story on HER, Robyn, or FLINTA dating.

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