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Tips for Throwing the Best LGBTQ New Year’s Eve Party Ever

Robyn Exton

Dec 28, 2021

Tips for Throwing the Best LGBTQ New Year’s Eve Party Ever
  • It’s almost unreal that another year is coming to an end and we’re merely a week away from ringing in another 365. With all of the ups and downs, the year has brought, a celebration of a fresh start is well needed. Celebrating with friends and chosen family is guaranteed to make long-lasting memories and start the year off on a good foot. A fun theme, tasty food and drinks, and great activities will make this a night to remember.

    With the virus preventing many from seeing loved ones, throwing a small masked gathering or a party over Zoom allows for a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. Using the tips in this guide, you can throw the best party in town.

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    1. Decorate Your Space

    Arguably, the highlight of a great party is some killer decor. Fun decorations can completely transform your space and set the mood. Eye-catching color schemes, like colors from queer flags, instantly lighten the mood. Decorations don’t have to break the bank either, many low-cost stores such as Target and Dollar Tree have low-cost options. A great party begins with great decor.

    2. Set a Fun Theme

    Right along with decorations, the theme of the party sets the tone. Fun costumes can allow for self-expression in unique ways and bring a whole new life to the party. Whether the party is a black-tie formal event or a casual get-together, having everyone follow a theme allows everyone to show up and show out.

    Some different theme ideas to try are a New Year’s glitter party, an icy wonderland, a masquerade, or a pajama party.

    3. Plan Some Activities

    A great theme and decorations bring life to a party but keeping your guests entertained guarantees that they’ll be talking about this party for months to come. Taking quirky costume photos in a photo booth or having a movie night ensures that everyone is having fun and can participate. Party games like Cards Against Humanity or Uno can bring excitement to any New Year’s bash.

    Virtual games also make it possible to have fun at a Zoom party. Try Drink If for a game that can be played whether your party is physically together or not.

    4. Make Beverages Accessible

    A great beverage spices up any party. Whether the beverages are alcoholic or not, this is also a great time to try different themes or get creative with different drink mixes. It could also be a great opportunity to match the drinks with the theme of the party. 

    Try making different colored drinks that associate with your queer identity to add a nice touch to a party and express your pride in who you are. Or try getting different colored wine glasses to turn even the most regular drinks into a fun experience.

    5. Create a Collaborative Playlist

    It can be said that it’s not possible to have a great party without great music. Getting everyone invited to the party to add songs to a shared playlist allows everyone to showcase their spectacular music taste, as well as allow for a diverse bunch of songs. All of the music can be part of a certain genre, or everyone can bring their favorites for a great surprise!

    Hits from known queer artists like Janelle Monae, Rina Sawayama, or Frank Ocean are sure to be party stoppers. Make this even more fun by having everyone bring the mixtape of their favorites.

    6.  Have a Memorable Meal

    What’s a great party without great food? Make your NYE bash unforgettable with a killer menu. This could be a great time to try that new recipe you wanted opinions on or catering from that new restaurant that you’ve been loving. For themed parties, like a movie party, everyone can bring popcorn or snacks.

    Make the party even more fun by having everyone bring a dish that they enjoy cooking, or for those who don’t enjoy cooking, their favorite dish to buy. This is a great idea for more formal parties to reduce costs for all. Sharing food is a great way to connect with loved ones and this is a great time to try something new. You may end up finding a new favorite!

    7. Hand Out a Party Favor

    Give all your party guests something to remember with a meaningful party favor that they can take home with them. A small customized gift is a great idea, as well as something homemade. This can also be a great time to promote your small business and give out samples of what you have to offer.

    For a smaller party, you could tailor gifts to each person based on features about them, and for larger parties, you can try themed gifts to wow your crowd.

    8. Invite Your Chosen Family and Friends

    A rockin’ New Year’s Eve bash is a great time to get your chosen 

    family together, whether it’s in person or through a Zoom New Year’s Eve party. Taking the time to invite your loved ones and bring them all together allows you to ring in the New Year happily. 

    This is a great time to call your friend who you haven’t seen in a long time or your family member that you haven’t seen in years. With the pandemic causing distance, a masked in-person gathering may bring some of the joy we’ve all been missing.

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    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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