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Trans Rights Are Human Rights – take action today

By HER Team |

This morning Donald Trump published a series of Tweets announcing a ban on transgender people serving in the US military.

HER is is a community of LGBTQIA+ people, with millions of transgender members and allies and we will not accept this. His bigotry, offensive discrimination and continued marginalization of the LGBTQ+ community is an attack on all of us and we must stand against this.

While details are surfaced about how he intends to implement this we want to make some things very clear.

  • Transgender military service people are loved, valued and honored by citizens for their service.

  • Transgender military members have chosen to stand for their country and we, in turn, must stand for them.

  • Our community will stand united and support our trans family. Because trans rights are human rights.


Below is a list of different ways you can help support trans people and the organizations that will be leading the fight against this ban.

We ask you to please contribute however you can but above all, please take action.


1. Sign the protest petition


Just launched this petition will collate all those that protest. Sign it and share it.


2. Donate to organizations that will fight this in court


Four leading organizations that will be fighting this ban in the courts & proteinic trans rights need financial support. Please donate to:

National Center For Transgender Equality: http://www.transequality.org/action-centers

National Centre for Lesbian Rights: http://www.nclrights.org/

ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/

HRC: http://www.hrc.org/Call your representatives

Pick up the phone and call. Keep calling. You can find who to call here: https://5calls.org/issue/recHzG9yDRjiJi3nY


3. Attend a protest


Protests will be announced through today and the rest of the week. Go to events on Facebook, search by cause.

Follow the hashtag #transrightsarehumanrights on Twitter

We will continue to update this post and the events section of the Feed with any protests that are announced

San Francisco: protest scheduled here

New York: protest scheduled here

DC: Protest scheduled here


4. Be vocal in your support


Keep posting, sharing, commenting and speaking to friends and colleagues about your support of transgender people and their equal rights.

We will keep you updated with more news as we have it

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Recent comments:

Autumn | 2 years ago

As a trans person, I can say that this is not even the scariest part. I can imagine for others, who focus their lives and careers around this, that it is. But for me, the worst part is the question that it makes me ask. "What's next?" If he can do this, then what else can, or will, he do?

Dee | 2 years ago

Some of the comments comparing trans medical costs to those of someone with a mental illness are asinine. Someone with a mental illness, regardless of cost to medicate, wouldn't be able to function in the military. A trans person would. Trans people have been serving in our military forever without any complaints before, so why now? Same thing with the bathroom issue. It wasn't an issue until someone decided to make it one. Trans people have been using the bathroom they identify with FOREVER with no epidemic of rape breakouts. Trans people are the shit! America just needs someone to pick on right now so unfortunately it's their time. Give it a few months, it'll be open killing season on black males again or another pointless attack on Muslims, they might even change it up a bit and start talking about that dumb ass wall again. *shrugs*

alexa | 2 years ago

If you are a FUCKING human being biologically then you deserve all human rights & freedom, everything else is just specifics, whatever you have under your clothes shouldn't fucking matter when it comes down to it but trumps a psycho. If you're afraid of another person for how they are/look then you gotta work on yourself, that's it, literally other people existing as trans or as whoever they are shouldn't be a problem you shouldn't have to exclude them out of anything in life BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST OTHER FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS, WOW