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5 Ways to Survive Quarantine with your Partner

Mar 17, 2020

It’s been a few days, and you realize that you have to establish a whole new work schedule…with your partner. Typically you have your space, time during the day to be separated and then excited to get back together, but now you have to social distance together. This is unchartered territory, but if you’ve already met the parents, you can survive this too.

  1. Work in separate rooms or back to back
    This is a good option to continue to respect each others work space. Each of you have habits and ways to stay focused, but those habits can cause tension in the home when you aren’t used to them. As well, sitting in the same space all day, then all night is a LOT. Take advantage of the space when you can and come together because you want to.
  2. Make a couples playlist to share
    This is something that you can start now and then carry over when you go back to work. Also, super cute to check in and see what your partner is listening to.
  3. Take outside time or breaks together
    Being cooped up in the house all day is the easiest way to get cabin fever. Go for a walk around the block or to the park, do some garden work or play catch – just get outside.
  4. Accomplish long time goals
    Wanted to paint that wall? Fix a broken item or rearrange your room? Those things get left on the to-do list. Set goals together and celebrate when you do them. After your work day, you can then take on a task together so you can feel accomplished. Also a great time to make new memories and have some chill time with your love.
  5. Make time for fun
    Try a new recipe, play a board game, watch movies, workout and more. It’s very easy to get stuck in hermit life, but you still have to make time for your relationship. Without the usual commute to wind down from your day, doing something fun can be the thing you both need to separate yourself from work day to home life, especially when you spend the whole day in your house.

It’s hard out there for people right now, but you relationship does not need to struggle during this uncertain time. Take care of yourself, care for each other, take breaks, and dance it out. Then start planning for that well deserved vacation once we get past this.

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