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Tea with Auntie: Work Wife Gone Wrong

Apr 07, 2020

Dear Auntie,
I am 22 and started my first job nearly 3 months ago. There’s this girl at work who I am strangely attracted to. I thought she was as well, but I know now she isn’t attracted to me. It’s a bit embarrassing because I think she knows how I feel but more so awkward. How can I get over her and make our professional relationship right?
– Anon, 22

Auntie: Oh girl, you have to hate when your work wife doesn’t realize what she can have. Now child, you don’t have to be embarrassed, you just have to rewrite the narrative. You are going to go through life and have crushes on, date or express feelings to people you are interested in and they may not reciprocate it – and that’s fine! The way you handle it next is going to show your maturity and allow you to, personally, move on a lot faster. This will happen, and it probably won’t be the last time it happens at work, as long as you stay professional and keep doing your job you will be able to move on past the feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness, which will then allow you to have normal conversations with her and you can develop that professional relationship again.

But those are just my thoughts, community you know what to do – sound off in the comments.

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