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HER Exclusive Interview with Pop Star – Siena Liggins

Apr 14, 2020

HER had the opportunity to have a socially distanced, candid conversation with up and coming pop star, Siena Liggins . From being a queer womxn of color in the music world, to her confident demeanor that fits with her “hide your girlfriend” mantra, Siena is an artist that is making big waves from the start and we want you to get to know her.

Shana (Head of Community at HER): You are a queer womxn of color, breaking into the pop scene – that is a whole movement within itself whether you break it apart or keep it all together. What about your identity is important to highlight in your songs? And how do you want to be seen by people who are fans or will become fans? 

Siena: i think who i really am comes across in my songs regardless of what i want. but it is important for me to continue to highlight myself as someone who belongs in the same conversation as people who don’t carry my identity and are the faces of my popular music.

Shana: Which of your songs has the best story, and can you share it with us? (i.e. I wrote this from a crazy break up, or I saw this and it inspired me to write this)

Siena: that’s tough because they’ve all got great stories (i think). they’re my life’s stories. they all start from a real life scenario. i like to incorporate lyrics with actual quotes i’ve said or someone’s said to me because a lot of songs i write are about girls i’ve been friendly with. it’s always fun to send a girl a demo and have her know it’s about her. 

for example: in my most recent song “looks don’t lie” i start the verse with “i had to finesse just to get in this booth…”, and go to “just because i love the surface that don’t make vain…”,  in the pre-chorus because i met the girl at a party in atlanta called VAIN and finessed my way into a booth to try and get her attention. the song is all about being superficial and trying to impress someone.

Shana: You have a very specific voice, vibe and sense of humor that you share out in an unapologetically, confident way. When did you feel confident enough to write your own narrative from your social media and marketing, to your songs?

Siena: i probably felt most comfortable once i felt most embraced and that didn’t really come until i was able to be around open minded people. changing my environment was key to changing my mindset of myself and the world altogether. i‘m glad i found my voice and humor though. i feel like i just say a lot of things that i know people are thinking but maybe are too out of pocket to verbalize.

Shana: Many of the tracks that you have out are around the very human moments that people experience while dating or falling in love. What advice do you have for people who are trying to date in this quarantine world? 

Siena: well for starters, i feel like lesbians are the experts on long distance dating and locking themselves in the house with someone for like six months. so my advice would be to be a lesbian. lol seriously though— facetime, buzzfeed quizzes, and learn the art of phone sex. 

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Shana: What is the message that you want to resonate your fans when it comes to your music?

Siena: i think i just want people to listen to my music and feel good about themselves. feel confident. talk to the person you’ve got a crush on. love what you see in the mirror. think happy thoughts.

Shana: Can we expect an album this year? And where can we find you and your music in the meantime? 

Siena: you can always expect more music. i feel like everyone’s been asking for an album lately. i might have to start taking that request seriously. stay in the loop when you follow @sienaliggins

Shana: Thanks, Siena! Always great catching up with you. Be sure to follow Siena Liggins on Instagram and check out her songs on all major music platforms.

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