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How to deal with a breakup while social distancing

Apr 22, 2020

  • For many, this is one of the hardest times to be in a relationship. You’re either unexpectedly stuck with your partner or unexpectedly in a long distance relationship (in your own city). You have to learn new ways to communicate, manage stress and deal with arguments. For some couples, this means that the pandemic was too much and it’s time to let go. Dealing with a breakup? This article is for you.

    Feel all your feels

    Not on the phone, with your ex, but for yourself. Watch the sad movies, blast the music, scream, cry, anything that works for you to get it out. It’s already easy enough to stay holed up in the house and binge watch Netflix, but you don’t want to be in this mode forever. Pull a Beyoncé and feel everything for 24 hours (or however you need) and then let them go.

    Make mini goals

    Afterward, you will need a pick me up to get you back into your new schedule and distract you from not texting your ex. Setup some small, but actionable goals so that you can feel a bit better in your space. Clean out your closet or deep clean your car, organize that bookshelf, make all those playlists, anything to give you a few hours of honest distraction.

    Treat yourself

    Not just in the self-care type of way that looks like the perfect bathtub with a bath bomb and candles. Order your favorite meal from a local restaurant, dessert, wine, whatever you don’t get to indulge in often.

    Curl up and vent it out

    While social distancing, we can’t have our friends over for a group hug and vent session. Get your favorite blankets and pillows, find your favorite spot and Facetime your friends. This way you can connect with your support network while you can’t physically be with them. Last thing you want to do is feel alone during isolation.

    Nothing about this queerantine is easy, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not making it through. Take the time to process what you really want and get back to loving yourself.

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