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Monday Dattch Chat: Frozen Fails And #OITNB Gets And App

Jun 16, 2014

So we totally launched in Portland this weekend at Pride, so a big Hi to all of our new users in the North West!  This coming weekend we’ll be live in New York and you can still register for early access by requesting NEW YORK inside the Dattch app. 
We’re super excited to be launching on the East Coast and we’re doing it at the Queer Women Who Tech conference and to celebrate, we have a special discount code to get you 50% off of tickets for the summit, so don’t miss out on this huge tech event!  We also want to get to know the Big Apple a little better.  Who are the biggest, baddest women on the New York scene who we should absolutely talk to?  Let our Emily know by popping her an email:

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