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What You Need To Know About Our New Feature: Questions!

Aug 12, 2015

What You Need To Know About Our New Feature: Questions!

If you have updated your HER app today (if not – update here!), you will notice a lot of new features:

  • You can now create a HER account with Instagram,
  • You can upload and attend Meetups,
  • You can ask a question to everyone in the community!

Questions is a worldwide feature. When you ask a question, it will be seen in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and with more countries on the way!
We’re very excited about this feature and we can see you guys are too! Here are some of our Community Guidelines for Questions. It could also work as inspiration to what to post!
DOs of Questions:

  • Ask what the HER community feel about a specific topic – a film, a person or anything entertainment. “Did you guys see ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour?’ What did you think of the café scene?”
  • Ask the HER community to help you out with your dating life. “This girl just told me she’s seeing someone else, what do I do?”
  • Ask anything LGBTQ-related! “I am transitioning – what are good MTF sources?”
  • Ask the HER community about their feelings, thoughts, interests, opnions and more.

DON’T of Questions:

  • Don’t ask people to message you, to chat to you or to add you in other social media platforms. We are a social app – everyone’s on HER wants to meet new people!
  • Don’t ask if there’s anyone near you/your location. In Meet, you can see everyone near you.
  • Don’t ask if people are going to a specific event – upload the event through Facebook or Meetup (new!).

The best way to meet people in your area is still through our Meet and the best way to find out what’s happening in your city or who can go with you to an event is through Events (on top of the Feed).
Let us know what you find of Questions and what new features you’d like to see on HER next! ✌️

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