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Dattch Top 5 Dates: Cheap Eats

Aug 02, 2013

The success of a date can often hang entirely on where you take your lady. Do you go for quiet and intimate or exciting and wild? Somewhere you can be adventurous or low-key where you can talk about your childhood pets?
Decisions, decisions. Well, we’re going to give you a helping hand and provide you with some Top 5 date ideas to inspire you all to have great dates, first or otherwise. We’ve always got our eye out for a cool place for a date but if you spot one you’d like to recommend, send it in to heya @
This week: eating on the cheap.

Soho Joe’s – A lot of people have at misunderstanding of the food scene in Soho, believing that it’s full of media types munching on high-priced ethnic delights that the peasants could only dream of tasting.  Not true, well, there are plenty of media types but those in the know head to Soho Joe’s.  There’s a great range of pizzas, pastas, fresh salads and burgers like the de-lish lamb kofta burger you see here.

Bodean’s BBQ –  Sometimes we question whether there is, in fact, anything better than a pulled pork sandwich from Bodean’s.  Their motto of ‘Smoke is slow, cook it low’ must be a magical incantation because the food here is delicious.   The portions are generous too, you’ll be lucky to finish off a regular sized sandwich and, if you do, you’ll be back for seconds.  Upstairs has a diner-style layout while downstairs is restaurant service but make sure you’re there early, this place fills up quick and a 90-minute wait isn’t uncommon on a Friday night.

Meat Liquor –  Red and black with a down and dirty vibe, Meat Liquor is, as the name suggests, not for vegetarians.  The interior design screams ‘hell pit + rennovated car park’ and the food is junk food with a side of punk; it’s not trying to look pretty for you, just shove into your talking hole.  Good food, good prices and good if you again get there early because you can’t make reservations.

Love Shake – Shoreditch’s favourite American-style diner, Love Shake keeps you fed and watered in the tradition of burgers and shakes throughout the day then transforms into a speakeasy at night.  Also, can you beat a joint that offers free coffee refills in the daylight hours?  Now we know why they’re open ’til 2.30am, everyone’s bouncing off the walls on free cups of Joe.

New Culture Revolution – Eat well for under a tenner at New Culture Revolution.   Choose your favourites from their massive menu and go mad; it’s hard to find cheap food in the Chelsea area but you can’t argue with the prices or the quality at this place.  Afterwards, you can head down for a stroll along the Thames, awww.

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