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Dattch's Alternative LGBT Uni Guide

Aug 08, 2013

Every year, tens of thousands of LGBT pre-uni students across the country will head off to their first haven of freedom, their universities. For some, it’s their first break from mum and dad’s 10pm curfew, for others it’s their first voyage to the bright shiny lights of a glistening city. But for everyone it’s the start of something new. Something new, fun and seriously exciting. But with such a big step approaching, there’s a lot of people asking – where the hell am I supposed to go? Am I going to be the only gay in the Uni? Which dance floor is going to give me the highest ratio of hotties to not-ies? Before, or after, that seventh Jager Bomb?
So we decided to try and do something to help. We’re venturing out to make the ‘alternative’ university guide for LGBT uni students. We want to get them armed up and ready for the best few years of their lives, with all the highs and lows of their uni town, so they can decide which bar is going to get them laid, and which is going to get them a lousy pint and an early cab home.
We’re currently working with LGBT students from unis across the UK to present the underground social guide to universities. We’ll name and fame those venues that have been serving the LGBT communities superbly over the years. Stonewall has done amazing work on providing the official guide to Universities, and we’re hoping to create something that will sit alongside it as a complementary piece, covering what LGBT pre-uni students have been searching for!
So before you rush off, we need your help. If you are, or know anyone that is LGBT and currently at a UK uni, or living in a key uni town, please get in touch. We want your input! Leave a comment or email and we’ll give you all the deets and ask you a couple of super quick questions. What’s in it for you? A snog, that’s what. To be dished out at an undetermined date in the not so distant future.

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