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The Top 10 Best Lesbian YouTubers: Chosen By YOU

Feb 18, 2016

The Top 10 Best Lesbian YouTubers: Chosen By YOU

We asked and YOU voted! Here are the results for your Top 10 Favorite YouTubers:

  1. Ingrid Nilsen
After Ingrid came out in a moving video, and became the other half of Hangrid (with girlfriend Hannah Hart) it is not surprising to see her in the top 10! Ingrid’s channel focuses on fashion, makeup, home décor and traveling to help you look and feel best in all aspects of life! Did you know she’s Covergirl’s Glambassador??? As if she could get any cooler! Along with fashion, Ingrid has recently discussed LGBTQ+ rights in an interview with President Barack Obama! Big things are coming her way, can’t wait to see how she evolves.

  1. Hartbeat
If Hartbeat’s dimples don’t get you, her humor definitely will! With skits that involve her alter ego, Michellé, guest appearances from other Youtubers and original songs, there is never a dull moment on this channel. Hartbeat has recently started an LGBT Education Series that provides valuable, and sometime unknown, information to the LGBT community. Definitely a channel you want to see!

  1. The Gay Women Channel

Every part of The Gay Women Channel was recognized from your votes! Adrianna and Sarah’s ‘Pillow Talk’ is definitely a favorite among HER voters, but ‘Til Lease Do Us Part’ and the new feature film ‘Almost Adults’ are not far behind. The women on the channel are like the best friends we’ve always wanted, on the TV show we could binge watch all day! And with their variety of topics, you are bound to find all things entertaining!

  1. Amber’s Closet

Amber’s Closet is definitely crazy, but a good crazy! Her stories, Q&A’s, and discussions make Amber sound like she lives in a movie, but the stories are very real. Another awesome part of Amber’s Closet is her challenge videos. Trending challenges?? Pretty sure Amber has done or is saying “Challenge accepted” (and we can’t wait!). Amber, like Hartbeat, has an alter ego named Ambrosia, and she brings a whole other level of sass to the channel. Three snaps in Z formation for Amber’s Closet!!

  1. Bria & Chrissy

Bria & Chrissy post as many VLOGS about their lives, as they do LGBTQ+ topics and situations, and they are all fantastic. Bria & Chrissy are great at discussing topics that are hard to address, as well as bringing humor to situations that we’ve all been through (#guilty). When you check out their channel, be sure to check out their music videos, and enjoy their focus on promoting equality and women’s safety.

  1. Stevie Boebi

As much as we ship Stevie and Ally, let’s talk about Stevie! The highlights of Stevie’s channel are her focus on sex, dating, and relationship advice. You can definitely learn a thing or two from these videos. Stevie also does collaborations with other Youtubers and gets their opinion and advice on topics from coming out to awkward sex stories. Ok, annnnnnnnd there is a bunch of videos of Stevie and Ally being adorable (couldn’t resist!).

  1. Shannon & Cammie

These two – swoon!! Shannon & Cammie, also known as ‘Now this is living’ share VLOGS of their lives, and videos of challenges, trips, and pranks they do to each other. These girls are a modern day Ellen and Portia with their shenanigans! The biggest comment from the HER ladies was that they are the cutest couple. Once you watch their videos, you’ll see why this is very true!

  1. Ally Hills
We didn’t want to have a spoiler alert when mentioning Stevie, because Ally made it too! Ally is a very talented musician, and some of her most popular videos are the ones of her original songs. Many of her songs are LGBTQ+ themed with her ‘Coming Out Song’ and ‘In Love with a Straight Girl’ making the top of the charts. When she’s not tugging on our heartstrings, Ally is either making us laugh with her collabs and funny skits or giving us relationship envy with how cute her and Stevie are. Ally is definitely a favorite among the HER community.

  1. Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart (Harto) is a true gem of the YouTube world. Most of you know her from My Drunk Kitchen where she makes tasty treats with yummy beverages (#lifegoals). When she’s not in the kitchen, Harto can be seen with her sister Mamrie Hart, bestie Grace Helbig, and that one girl….friend INGRID NILSEN. Ingrid has been appearing on Harto’s channel more often, and vice versa, which is an amazing 2 for 1 deal! And speaking of 2 for 1 deal, our number one spot for favorite youtubers is….

  1. Rose and Rosie

Two channels, two amazing ladies, and the number one spot on HER’s Top 10 Favorite Youtubers. Rose and Rosie have had an amazing year, and they have taken their viewers along for the ride. Getting married, announcing that they are going to try for a baby, while showing the world how true love looks, these ladies are the definition of #relationshipgoals. Can’t wait to see what 2016 bring to Rose and Rosie!
What did you think of the list? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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