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Dattch Top 5 Dates: Cocktails

Jul 26, 2013

The success of a date can often hang entirely on where you take your lady. Do you go for quiet and intimate or exciting and wild? Somewhere you can be adventurous or low-key where you can talk about your childhood pets?
Decisions, decisions. Well, we’re going to give you a helping hand and provide you with some Top 5 date ideas to inspire you all to have great dates, first or otherwise. We’ve always got our eye out for a cool place for a date but if you spot one you’d like to recommend, send it in to heya @
This week: cocktail bars.

Worship Street Whistling Shop – Looking for an old-timey hangout where you can enjoy tasty libations in dimly-lit locations, try out the Worship Street Whistling Shop. The website describes the good times in store, ‘Come and create your own Blend, drink from ancient drinking vessels, taste Whisky Jellies, dance Gangnam style to Whisky influenced music, and savor the best Molecular Cocktails this side of Hadrian’s Wall.’ An impressive date spot.

5cc Club – Inside, the 5cc Club is a mix of high-end 70’s interior design mixed with a 1920’s speakeasy; not a combination many places can pull off but they manage it well here. Not a bar you’ll spend all night in but its a cool place where you’ll enjoy a vintage cocktail and then head off for the rest of your evening, but a great bar to start with.

Happiness Forgets – For a drinking experience you’ll definitely remember, try out Happiness Forgets.  This barely-lit basement bar has definite sex appeal and might start your date off on just the right note but don’t be put off by it’s hipsterish Hoxton location; their motto is, ‘Great cocktails.  No wallies.’  Good way to enjoy the East End without the posers.

Experimental Cocktail Club –
A three-storied speakeasy tucked away in London’s Chinatown, the Experimental Cocktail Club is one for lovers of mystery and those who are deep of pocket.  Look for a shabby black door and remember that although bookings aren’t necessary, they are recommended if you can get one.  Definitely the most impressive club to visit.

The London Gin Club – Eschewing the traditional bar setting, you’ll find the London Gin Club running out of the Star At Night cafe.  Upstairs is casual and friendly while down the spiral staircase you’ll find a more cavernous-looking space like a forgotten Greek wine cellar.  There’s an easy breezy atmosphere to the space and if you’re not a gin drinker, don’t worry, they’re a real bar and they have vodka and other beverages.

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