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Time to Get Off the Platform

Oct 14, 2019

Yup, we said it. Time for you to take this relationship to the next level and meet in real life. For some context, you can sit and swipe and message all day, but what good is that going to do if you only keep it to the app? Don’t get me wrong, we love having you on the app, but the community is out there and waiting to see that you are real. As well as how awesome you are, obvi. So how do you go about meeting up with someone, or a group of someones that you have never met before?

Make the first move!

Speaking about HER specifically, there is a whole community side of the app that is for people who want to talk and meet. Whether on a date or just get together as friends. Why not be the first person who asks if someone wants to meet up at the local queer bar or host an LGBTQ+ picnic? This community is too amazing to be hiding behind the phone, so take a chance and be the post that starts the trend of meeting up IRL.

Pick a spot

It doesn’t have to be a fully rented out spot with a detailed itinerary, just pick somewhere that is easy to get together. You can poll the audience in the community for choices or make the decision yourself. People do appreciate taking initiative, but it is whatever you are comfortable with to get started. Then set the date and let people know who to look for, what to bring (if anything) and you’ll have done it. Try to be sure to commit to that date so people can stay consistent with the details, and are more likely to show up.

Have fun!

Hosting a meetup is a fun adventure. Being able to bring together a group of like minded individuals, connecting through their rainbow filled identities is so gratifying. Who knows? You could have started a new trend in your local area, and provided a safe space for people to connect and be themselves when they don’t have that outlet in their life. But it all starts with you.

So take this as a challenge to go into the HER App, post about meeting up in the HER Communities and hang out with this amazing new group of people.

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