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How many times have you come out?

Oct 17, 2019

Coming out sometimes feels like a never ending story. If you move – you have to come out to your new friends. If you get a new job – you have to decide if you are coming out, or just having a little pride flag at your desk. New school, same thing. But the one coming out story that always stays in your mind, is your first one. The stress, the creativity, who you wanted to tell, and that story should be celebrated.
HER is proud to partner with planet Earth’s favorite vodka, Absolut, to share your coming out stories all year long. Because our Pride and our identities are not just for one day, but all year. Just like coming out! It starts one day but we all keep coming out every day. Below are stories shared from National Coming Out Day. (names have been changed for privacy)

Kayla, 20: Baked a cake and wrote that I was gay on it. Then I left for the weekend 🙂

Tess, 47: I came out when I was in my teens in the 80’s. My mom seemed so progressive, she volunteered with AIDs patients, she had LGBTQ+ friends, but I remember she cried and asked me why I wanted to be bi(sexual) when I was already black and a woman? Wasn’t life hard enough? I remember saying it wasn’t a choice. Since then, my mom and I have talked about that moment and she always tells me it was the one thing she wishes she could change. That if she had to do it again, she would have been more receptive and supportive.

Lana, 34: I was having dinner with both my parents at a restaurant and told them that my roommate who I lived with for 9 years now (a girl they already met as a “friend”) was not really a roommate and that we were sharing the same bed. Almost 5 years later, she (and so the most part of my life) still literally doesn’t exist for them. I feel invisible. It hurts a lot.

Jay, 33: I wasn’t worried about first telling my brother and sister about my first romantic girlfriend. But, I waited until we were serious and it was the right time to tell my mom. I had to lie to her until I was ready. She was very understanding and happy for me in the end. And, my whole family loved her!

What is your coming out story?

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