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Working 9 To 5 As A…Chica Bonita Dancer

Nov 23, 2013

By Jada Love
When I was asked if I wanted to dance for Chica, I instantly said yes.  I had met the ladies running the event and they were so friendly and accommodating, I wanted to be a part of it.
I’m happiest when I’m performing, so dancing for anyone is a bonus to me, but women, I find, are more drawn towards the whole experience.  They’re interested in every little part of the performance: your outfit, make up, hair, the way you move, the artistry in what I do; it’s very rewarding for me as a performer to see ladies appreciating every aspect of the experience.
The second Chica Bonita was held in london at Candy KU Bar and has stayed there ever since, running on the last Wednesday of the month. Candy Bar have been very good and embraced Chica, as not only are there dancers and guest DJs but live performers to entertain the crowd.
For the first few events following the launch, I didn’t really have a theme in mind. I tend to play it sensual and sexy, working from more covered outfits to less as the night goes on, but the last few events have had themes. It probably takes me two weeks or more to organise myself, outfits, music, makeup style, and, if I am doing a special stage show like Halloween Chica, obviously a little more planning is put into it. I try to ‘top’ all my performances and strive to be different each event, bringing versatility to the night.
Working alongside the other dancers is great as we all have a good understanding of each other’s styles and we all flow well together, bringing double and sometimes triple stage shows to entertain the crowd. We try to complement each other with our wardrobe so you can feel we are a team, and just makes the night feel tidy and structured and well planned, which of course it is.
We have fun backstage on the nights, getting into the mood for the show whilst enjoying a few drinks.
Outside of Chica, we have all formed close friendships and speak often, even meet up for social time. On the professional side it has just made us stronger as a team, and all opinions and thoughts are taken into consideration as communication we find is the key to having strong relationships.
I look forward to every Chica event and bring 100% to my performances, I find the ladies love a good stage show and enjoy slipping Chica Dollars into my garter as I dance. I have a few regular ladies that come to enjoy a dance and socialise with me as do most of the dancers, building friendships and a fan base or following. Also, given our audiences are made up of women who love women, it helps that our dancers are that way inclined, too.
Chica Bonita is like one big family and its an honour to be part of the team and I have met some amazing people through it, both staff and customers. I look forward to going into the new year with new exciting prospects and new venues to run our event.  We hope our night opens the door to all the lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious women who enjoy the company of women and enjoy the experience of a Gentlemen’s/ Burlesque type night.

Photo Credit: Laura Dixon

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