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Ladies who found #HERLove – Read their stories!!

Feb 12, 2016

  • Ahead of Valentine’s, to celebrate love, we are going to share the stories of three couples who found #HERLove on the app!!
    The catch is YOU get to vote on your favorite couple story, who will win a special prize from HER!  Comment below with Couple #1, #2 or #3 to vote!

    To start off, we’ll learn about Couple #1  Konnie & Chelsea:

    I met my partner on Her back when it was Dattch. I used to start everyday at work by playing “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors while I set the classroom up. One day I was really fed up and decided not to play it.  But, when I got home that night, my now partner, Chelsea, messaged me for the first time. We arranged to go on a date the next Friday and very quickly fell head over heals in love! I still call her “my whirlwind” because everything happened so fast – it was a true whirlwind romance. We moved in together 2 months later and we are still incredibly happy almost 2 years on. I can’t remember what life was like without her. So, bizarrely, the one day that I was sure wouldn’t be the best day of my life, turned out to be just that, because it was the day I met her!  One of our favorite memories was when we went to Budapest and as a surprise I had arranged for us to have dinner on a night time cruise of the Danube. We got all dressed up and had a candlelit dinner on the top deck underneath the stars. There were candles and a pianist so it was all very romantic!  
    If you love this story, comment with “Couple #1”.💖

    Next up, Couple #2 Aisha & Monisha:

    My life changed has changed on Her. For our first date, we just walked around talking and I knew I loved being around her. One day, I bought her a rose from my uncle’s flower shop and wrote a small note asking her to be mine. We are doing long distance, but we got FaceTime! But most of all thank god for the HER app, if it wasn’t for you guys I may not have ever found my soul mate.  Our first date was the beginning of something beautiful, the more we spoke the more we grew to love one another.  One of our favorite memories was spending 9 days straight with together, waking up and sleeping next to each other; going to the cinema, bowling, visiting different restaurants etc.  Makes the long distance better when we have days like that, together.
    If you fell head over heels for this story, comment with “Couple #2” 💘

    Final story, Couple #3 Sabrina and Fionnuala:

    Fionnuala (or Noodles as I fondly call her) and I, met on Her, when it was known as Dattch, I had deleted the app from my iPhone, but not from my iPad.  As I was about to delete it from my iPad, I saw that there was two messages, one from Fionnuala which I opened out of curiosity, so what has transpired since then reads a fabulous love story.  I knew we were meant for each other on our second date, I had spent the day with friends and she joined us in the night club and we kissed and danced all night.  We dated for 16 months, and on January 31st, 2016, I proposed to her and she said yes. Fionnuala is my person and I wish for anyone who has yet to feel a love like this, to find it soon.  Don’t go searching, love always finds and conquers all/
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    Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day in social media, so make sure to follow @hersocialapp on Twitter for it.

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