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Our New Obsession: Lake Bell

Aug 12, 2013

We love Lake Bell.  If you don’t know who she is, you’re wrong; she was Cameron Diaz’s best friend in What Happens In Vegas.  Now you remember her, right?  Anyway, she’s a hilarious writer, actress and now director as her movie In A World is impressing critics the world over.

The reason you might see her name bandied around the Internet today, aside from her directorial debut, is that she graces the cover of today’s New York Magazine wearing nothing but a painted on body tattoo.

In A World follow lake’s character, Carol, as she navigates the Hollywood voice-acting scene, fighting to get somewhere in a male-dominated space.  Promoting her movie and talking about her feelings on women in Hollywood, Lake found that she is often confronted by women with a particular type of voice.

The actress told NPR:

“I had been personally ruptured and unsettled by the trend, the vocal trend that I call ‘sexy baby vocal virus’ talking … Not only is it pitch, so really high up, but it’s also a dialect, it’s like a speech pattern that includes uptalking and fry, so it’s this amalgamation of really unsavory sounds that many young women have adopted. It’s a pandemic, in my opinion.

“I can’t have people around me that speak that way, and mainly because I am a woman, and I grew up thinking a female voice and sound should sound sophisticated and sexy, a la Lauren Bacall or Anne Bancroft or Faye Dunaway, you know. Not a 12-year-old little girl that is submissive to the male species.”

In A World is released in the UK on the 13th September and you can check out the trailer here:

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