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11 Times Kristen Stewart And Her Gal Pal Were NOT A Lesbian Couple

Jan 06, 2015

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Kristen Stewart is not a lesbian. Especially after seeing the photos that surfaced of her trip with Alicia C to Honolulu over the New Year’s holiday. Everybody knows that lesbians do not spend the holidays with their significant others. And I hear that Hawaii is one of the least romantic spots on earth.
To elaborate my point, I’ve included a few images of Kristen and her best bud doing things that best buds do, like:
11. Gazing into each other’s eyes. Now that’s what I call ‘active listening’.
k stew 1
10. Ridiculous selfies. Everybody knows that lesbians have perfected the art of posing in photos. No ‘thumbs up’ here.
k stew 4
9. Walking in stride. Nothing like a little healthy competition.
k stew 5
8. Flannel and juicing.
k stew 6
7. Flannel and beanies.
k stew 11
6. Flannel and tattoos. Straight people love their flannel.
k stew 3
5. Walking this adorable puppy. Lesbians don’t like pets, so… point made. (I could stop right here)
k stew 9
4. Showering together. Water preservation is of the utmost importance in California. There’s a drought.
k stew
3. Sex eyes and shopping. Everybody’s gotta eat. K Stew’s just a little hungrier than most.
k stew 7
2. Hiking while holding hands. This is the one that really sold me. I’ve yet to meet a lesbian who enjoys a good hike.
k stew 15
1. Making out. All the straight girls are doing it.
k stew 13
Also, would someone please tell me why everyone’s saying this photo is super gay? Since when does rockin’ some Y-fronts while you toss the ball in your beanie and ray bans on the beach make you a lesbian? Maybe, if it were a softball. Maybe.
k stew 14
So there ya have it: K Stew, definitely not gay.

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