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YouTuber Spotlight: Hartbeat

May 26, 2015

Hart has been charming the pants off her viewers on YouTube for over 5 years! She is hilarious, has some fierce dance moves, and her dimples are on point.
Of the many lesbian YouTubers out there, Hart is definitely one of the most honest and down to earth people you’ll come across (on the interwebs). Thankfully, she shows us the other wonderful parts of her personality via the twins, Michellé and De’Monte (played by Hart) who make regular cameos on her channel. This is definitely a channel you want to check out!

credit: Hartbeat

Wait, did I say ‘a channel’? My bad, she has TWO channels, each with its own style. Whether you’re looking for a free flow of thoughts, or an original song, Hart will keep a smile on your face while you binge-watch (it’s the dimples, I’m telling you!).
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She also tells it like it is on a regular basis. Self-esteem, failures, triumphs, body image, and new beginnings are just a few of the topics she explores. Her videos provide inspiration and comfort while you listen to her adventures. That’s 5 years of advice y’all!

credit: Hartbeat

Self-described as Quierd, Hart provides the LGBTQ point of view that many of us need to see. It’s not your typical, G-rated, lesbian channel… which is why it “gives me life!”. Here are the links to each of her channels, Hartbeat and Quierd along with her socials: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Check out your new favorite video below –  there’s a pleasant surprise you don’t want to miss!

For those who need the link –

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