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An Unconventional Christmas Giveaway! (London)

Dec 02, 2014

An Unconventional Christmas Convention is here and we are sending 10 lucky individuals to the event for FREE (a £25.00 value) this Sunday at The Book Club!
Prepare to be inspired, bewildered, entertained and awestruck. There are 5 days left to win a ticket to kick off your holiday season in an “unconventional” way. Enter below to win. The more you enter, the higher your chances! Each winner will be contacted via email at 10:30am on Sunday, 7th December – mark your calendars!

Why go, you ask? Because you want to make 2015 your most adventurous, wild and transformative year yet and this is the perfect way to start. This year’s convention is centered around the theme of Pushing Your Limits and it will do just that. What’s more, our very own Robyn Exton will be speaking (and you’ll want to get that on video).
#UnconventionalConvention is an event like none other we’ve been involved in – it was born to combine inspiration with fearless expression and unconventional entertainment: think TED talks meet The Burning Man festival. After a roaring success last September, the Unconventional Christmas Convention is looking even more special with a spectacular lineup of speakers, entertainment from Belle Noir band and surprise acts. 50% of ticket sales are donated to Diversity in Care, to support the Unspoken campaign, helping disadvantaged women fight addiction.

Check out the speaker bill below – the following individuals are ready to enthrall you with stories of their personal journeys while joining the audience outside of their comfort zone (*surprise acts & other performers not listed):
Deri Lewellyn-Davies – successful entrepreneur, advisor to high growth companies (also known as @TheStrategyMan), philanthropist and extreme adventurer. Deri will talk about how some of his adventures (such as the deadly Marathon des Sables or claiming Mount Blanc) have brought on cathartic Moments of Truth which allowed him to redefine his mission on this planet.
Sandra Donskyte – a creative woman who is Bold, Intelligent and in Total Control of Herself, who founded of BITCH ONLINE to bring together similarly minded women. Sandra will talk about how to test and expand your limits in a creative passion.
Robyn Exton – serial entrepreneur, founder of Dattch, the first app created specifically to help lesbian and bisexual women connect. A specialist when it comes to testing – and pushing – your limits when it comes to business thinking.
Iulia Calota – the author of “The Love Project”, a book she wrote after 6 years of being single and in a career she didn’t love, when she decided to push her limits and try to take control over the most uncontrollable thing in life: love. She will talk about how having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and following your creative desire can have a knock on effect on all aspects of your life, including love.
Pauline McCarthy – singer, motivational speaker, oil painter and enthusiastic promoter of Iceland on the world stage. Creator of platform of support for menopausal women. She will spill the beans about Pearls of Pauline and other initiatives that helped her to test her own limits.

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