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Happiness on Her – When Fi met Charlotte

Nov 01, 2015

From friends, to coming out stories to meeting the love of your life, we want to hear & share all of the amazing stories from your time on Her. If you have a great story to share, please let us know by clicking on this link and telling us all about it.

To kick our series off we caught up with Fi & Charlotte, an amazing couple that met in Scotland, through Her, and have now set a date for their wedding!


Her: Hey you two! Congrats on the engagement, such fab news. We’d love to hear about the two of you, the kind of people you are and what you’re in to.

Fi: Charlotte has the biggest heart of any human I’ve ever met. She is kind, hilarious, strong (also scared of spiders.) For work, she is an artist and sculptor, who spends her time capturing un-noticed moments, bringing incredible stories into the world. She plays video games, cooks a mean stew and gets about the city on a skateboard.

Charlotte: Fi has the loveliest way of seeing the world and everything in it. She is excited by adventures, good books that say important things about the world and great design done simply & honestly. She is scared of the impending doom that the internet will bring on society and the threat of her dodgy knee giving way on the dance floor. She loves the sea and the creatures who live in it. For work she is the founder of MakeWorks – which basically means she spends a lot of time designing things like beautiful navigation bars that work like a dream and drinking tea out of polysyrene cups in factories surrounded by machines while also trying not to shout at men in suits and ties who patronise her.


Her: Tell us what your queer lives were like before you met each other & started hanging out on Her:

Fi: In the simplest terms we’d both describe ourselves as Hot Mess x2.

Her: Aren’t well all. So tell us what happened for you on Her! What worked out, who did you meet?

Fi: I met my future wife!

Charlotte: I met my best friend, my ‘soulmate’ if such things exist and the woman who makes me want to learn how to make rocking chairs so that we can sit in them on our porch together when we’re old and grey.

Her: Let me grab a tissue…. So how did you actually meet? What happened? Make us swoon…

Fi: After we started messaging (we actually went to the same high school, but Charlotte didn’t recognise me –  so I didn’t say that we knew each other just in case…) –  we went for a coffee in Edinburgh. That coffee led to a pint. Then two pints. Then three …  The next day Charlotte came to Glasgow for the evening, which turned into an epic three day date – and the rest is history really. After nine months of Wii tournaments, birthday breakfasts in bed, writing songs, moving in, box-sets, documentary binging, bubble baths, tortoise keeping, vinyl collecting, podcast listening, EPIC spooning, tree climbing, board gaming (we’re so lucky we found each other…), snorkelling holidays, dance-offs and making up secret handshakes – we are engaged and getting married in an old Victorian swimming pool in Glasgow next summer.

Her: I’m getting some overwhelming relationship jealousy here. To wrap off – what would you say to everyone else to do on Her to make the most out of it? You have such a great story – how can everyone else make the most of the community?

Fi: It’s simple and mostly based around your profiles – less selfies, more pictures of things in your life. Then you actually get to chat with the people who you know you’re going to click with.


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