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Meet The Her Gang

Nov 03, 2015

  • The Her Gang is a group of LGBTQ women around the world. Their job is to grow Her, engage the community, organize events and make everyone that comes to Her feel welcome.
    They are divided into the Online Gang (Her Voices and Her Seekers) and the City Gang (City Leaders and Helpers).

    Meet The Online Gang

    The Online Gang are LGBTQ social media influencers that are passionate about Her and getting the word out.

    Berlyn: HER Voice Leader
    Tumblr | Instagram
    Berlyn is a California girl who loves dogs, the beach, and the babes. Berlyn is a big wine lover and a proud lipstick lesbian. She is the creator of the Girlswholikegirls blog dedicated to helping lesbians meet other gay gals on Tumblr.

    Gabby: HER Voice
    Website | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube
    Gabby spends her days on Long Island as a full-time internet addict. She enjoys scrolling endlessly through tumblr, watching every TV show, and hanging out with her dog, Colby. She is the curator of the tomboy style blog- Dappertomboy.

    Nathasja: HER Voice
    Nathasja is 18 years old and lives life in the Netherlands. She’s known she was gay at the ripe age of 13 and is proud of it. She plans to begin Royal Military School for the Army in March.

    Sofie: HER Voice
    Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr
    Sofie is a Belgian girl who loves traveling, road trips, and all kind of adventures. She plays soccer and in her spare time she goes for a run or a Penny board trip. Her friends would say she’s shy at first, but once you get to know her she’s very fun to be around.

    Jayde: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Instagram
    Jayde is an Aussie who loves to explore the world, loves cats, and Ellen.  She is studying primary education and is writing a book for queer and questioning youth. Her friends would say she is a quiet soul but once you get her talking about politics or theatre, she won’t stop.

    Becky: HER Voice/Seeker
    Tumblr | Twitter |Instagram | YouTube
    Becky enjoys walks in the woods, reading, and hipster coffee shops. She is currently in a relationship with her Netflix account and should probably consider rehab for her internet addiction. She runs her blog to help people accept their sexual orientation and gives the best advice she can.


    Andrea: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Youtube | Instagram
    Andrea is from Northern Michigan, a big animal lover and her dog is everything to her. She loves hockey, art, writing, music, and movies. She makes sure to always be there for those who need help because she wants to make a difference in the world.


    Annie: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter
    Annie is a Londoner, a massive sports fan, and a lover of boys t-shirts. She runs her tumblr blog to help people and herself smile more often.  

    Sara: HER Voice
    Sara believes that if she were a bagel, she’d be a cinnamon sugar one because its sweet and unreasonable. She can probably be found listening to St. Vincent or watching Buffy. Her blog, Queer-All-Year, is dedicated to displaying the diversity of queer women.

    Morgan: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Instagram
    Morgan is a psychology student living up life in London. She loves tumblr, youtube, and Netflix(the sacred trinity). She runs her tumblr blog that is dedicated to others’ and her queerness.

    Paloma: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Facebook
    Paloma loves to spend time reading, listening to all kinds of music, watching netflix, and making sweets. She’s a very shy person but I likes to express herself through writing.

    Sam: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Twitter
    Sam is a beer league hockey player, self-made thousandaire, and recovering vegetarian.

    Madeleine: HER Voice
    Madeleine is a passionate tumblr blogger who lives in Germany. She is always excited to meet new people all around the world, willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it, and tries to help as much as she can in any situation.
    Sammy: HER Voice
    Instagram | Tumblr
    Sammy is an Aussie girl who loves the beach, fitness, traveling, video games, and theatre. She has a soft spot for animals and loves everything chocolate. Her blog is filled with gorgeous girls and everything LGBT. Sammy is currently on a 6 month American adventure, but is always up for making new friends!

    Dana: HER Voice
    Dana is from Long Island, New York and is a recent college graduate. When she’s not running her blog or hanging out with friends she can be found watching as many game shows as she can. She hopes that through her blog she can help girls all around the world.

    Alenka: HER Voice
    HER profile | Instagram | Tumblr
    Alenka is a Slovenian girl who likes soccer, reading, and wasting her time on internet. She is helping to achieve equality in Slovenia and runs her lgbt blog to help others.
    Nikita: HER Voice
    HER profile | Instagram | Tumblr
    Nikita grew up in Australia but currently lives in England now. If she’s not watching films or TV shows she is learning how to produce them at her college where she studies Creative Media production. She spends a lot of time on tumblr where she tries to help as many people as possible.

    Lisa: HER Voice
    HER profile | Instagram | Tumblr
    Lisa is a born and raised Brooklynite currently finishing up her senior year of college in upstate New York. She loves sports, theater, and food. She guarantees she can make anyone laugh and is extremely outgoing and personable.

    Jessie: HER Voice
    Jessie is from the South Island of New Zealand. She has a passion for photography, dance, and is obsessed with loads of TV shows/Youtubers. She spends her time on the internet, mostly on Tumblr, giving advice to lesbian and gay youth.

    Julia: HER Voice
    HER profile | Instagram | Tumblr
    all things queer, and all the little loves that are."]” data-sheets-userformat=”[null,null,6763,[null,0],[null,2,16777215],null,[null,[[null,2,0,null,null,[null,2,13421772]],[null,0,0,3],[null,1,0,null,1]]],null,[null,[[null,2,0,null,null,[null,2,13421772]],[null,0,0,3],[null,1,0,null,1]]],1,null,null,0,null,[null,2,0],"inherit"]”>Julia is a wine and cat loving intersectional feminist. She can be found binge watching Netflix, reading the same book for the fifth time, or wandering the streets of Toronto. Julia runs her tumblr blog that is dedicated to all things queer and all the little loves that are.

    Camila: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Twitter
    Camila is a 20 year old living the gay life in Peru. She spends her time eating, reblogging lesbians, going out with friends, and sometimes studying. She has a superwoman complex and that’s probably why her goal is to work on development and women issues. 

    Joanna: HER Voice
    Joanna is 20 years old and lives in Long Island. She spends most of her time attending college and working part time. In her free time she likes to watch Netflix, read a book, or scroll through tumblr. She is very excited to be apart of the Her Gang!

    Kailey Kelly: HER Voice
    HER Profile | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr
    Kailey Kelly is from Canada. She is a social justice campaign coordinator, dance teacher, cat lover, lipstick lover and tumblr addict with Domino’s on speed dial.


    Sheri: HER Voice
    Sheri is a lesbian blogger from Melbourne, Australia, who enjoys adventures, gardens, and absolutely all dogs. She runs an advice blog, aimed at answering and helping concerns of the LGBT community.

    Laura: HER Voice
    Laura is 18 years old and from Germany. She enjoys watching way too many TV shows and listening to music every single day. She loves to spend time with friends but is also always up for a chill day at home, on tumblr, and youtube.

    Amy: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Amy is an Irish blogger who loves traveling, the beach, and chicken nuggets. She spends most of my time watching Netflix and scrolling through pictures of cute puppies on Tumblr.

    Angelic: HER Voice
    Angelic is a curious 25 year old that loves hiking, lesbians, and exploring the world.

    Anna: HER Voice
    Anna is a business student who loves to game and loves to eat sushi whenever possible. She spends most of her time reading articles and sleeping excessively! Nothing gets her energy up more than giving people advice.

    Ashley: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Ashley is a 20 year old college student from Massachusetts majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science. Her hobbies include spending ungodly hours on her blog and watching Netflix in bed with her dog. Ashley is always looking to make new friends from all over the world.

    Kelly: HER Voice
    Kelly is an avid tumblr user and always enjoys her time being on the internet. She runs a tumblr that allows her to be herself, to help others, and enjoys talking to people but is sometimes a bit shy.


    Emma: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Emma is from Sydney where she is currently at university studying law and art. She loves anything interesting from documentaries to books and is obsessed with her dog and all genres of music.

    Erica: HER Voice
    Erica is a geeky girl from Buenos Aires who loves reading books and comics. She enjoys watching fantasy movies and tv shows (Buffy will always have a special place in her heart). Running her very lesbian blog is a passion only matched by her love for coffee – to which she’s definitely not addicted.

    Gabriela: HER Voice
    Gabriela resides in Brazil where she currently studies psychology. She loves music, girls, travels, lazy days, cats, making new friends, and tumblr.

    Gwen: HER Voice
    Gwen lives in Port Hueneme and although she is very introverted, she warms up pretty quickly! She likes video games, writing, and music.

    Jenni: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Jenni is from Washington, U.S.A. She spends her time crossing the boarder to visit her beautiful Canadian princess. In her down time, she marathons on Netflix, re-blogs on Tumblr, and chats with her fellow gays. She runs her Queering-out-loud blog to express the gay, help others who need advice, and lets them know that they are not alone. She is hoping to make new friends, feel free to say hello!

    Julie: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr 
    Julie is a music producer from Canada. Her attire consists of bow ties and snapbacks. She’s often seen at local shows or eating pizza.

    Karolina: HER Voice
     Tumblr | Instagram
    Karolina figured out that she was gay the second she saw Kristen Stewart in “In The Land of Women” at 11 years old. She has gotten a lot gayer since then. She loves to spend her time on tumblr, watching tv shows, and making gifs. Currently she’s in a relationship with several fictional lesbians. She loves dogs and if you have a dog she probably already likes you.

    Kelsey: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Kelsey is a lover of sarcasm, wine, and Netflix. You can find her exploring the world or in the corner with a book. She uses her blog helps our in any way she can to give people a voice and an outlet.

    Krystal H: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Krystal is an Australian who loves the ocean, spontaneous adventures, and soccer. She feels she over indulges in far too many TV shows and gets way too attached to most characters.

    Krystal M: HER Voice
    Krystal is an animal lover that spends most of her time working as a veterinary assistant. She spends her free time at Disney World, the beach, or blogging all things LGBT on Tumblr. She currently lives in Florida, but in her heart she is a true Texan.

    Laura M: HER Voice
     Tumblr | Instagram
    Laura is from Scotland. She is very gay, addicted to tumblr, and happily taken.

    Lior: HER Voice
    Lior is from Israel where she is a musical producer and singer/songwriter. Most of her day is spent in the studio. When she’s not in the studio she is probably playing with her dog, Netflix, Youtube, or Tumblr.

    Megan: HER Voice
    HER Profile Tumblr 
    Megan is from Ireland. She enjoys skateboading and spending evenings with her pet ducks Donald and Daisy. She has known she was gay when she was 8 years old.

    Megan M: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    Megan is in the Navy and plans to become a firefighter. She loves to make new friends, especially in the LGBT+ community. She travels frequently and has attended pride in 5 different states.

    Micayla: HER Voice
    Micayla is a Maine girl who loves tumbling, traveling, and everything that has to do with makeup. She is a part time makeup artist, a part time cosmetologist, and the creator of the hair style blog Queercuts.

    Olivia: HER Voice
    Tumblr | Instagram
    Olivia is an environmental university student in Canada. Olivia enjoys the outdoors and all types of animals. Olivia runs the lookgayness tumblr blog, which started originally to help understand her own sexuality and enjoys helping others on their paths to becoming who they are meant to be.

    Rebby: HER Voice
    HER ProfileTumblr | Instagram
    rock climbing, surfing, and martial arts. Her favorite shows to watch are Orange is the New Black, Orphan black, the L word, and Queer as Folk. Her idea of a perfect day can range anywhere from staying in and watching Netflix all day, to going out on random adventures all day."}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":15039,"3":{"1":0},"4":{"1":2,"2":16777215},"5":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"6":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"7":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"8":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"10":2,"12":0,"14":{"1":2,"2":0},"15":"Trebuchet MS","16":12}”>Rebby is passionate about and loves all animals. She enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, surfing, and martial arts. Her favorite shows to watch are Orange is the New Black, Orphan black, the L word, and Queer as Folk. Her idea of a perfect day can range anywhere from staying in and watching Netflix all day, to going out on random adventures all day.

    Sarika: HER Voice
    Sarika lives just outside London. She loves traveling, photography, and staying active. She is a pretty small human but has a big heart! She aims to make people happy by helping others feel that they’re not alone.

    Soraia: HER Voice
    Soraia is a Portuguese girl that sometimes thinks she is a cat. She loves playing boardgames and reading lesbian fantasy novels. Above all, the thing that she loves the most is making other people laugh.

    Teodora: HER Voice
    Teodora is addicted to movies, music, and laughing.

    Tiffany: HER Voice
    Tiffany is from the Bay Area, California. When she’s not hanging out with friends or running her blog, you can find her binge watching documentaries. She has been a passionate advocate for LGBT rights in and around her community for years.

    Vianca: HER Voice
    Vianca is from Puerto Rico. She is a book nerd, series addict, and a hopeless romantic.

    Vi: HER Voice
    Vi is a human biology student living in the land down under. She loves sports and is currently playing touch rugby. She also loves food and lives by the moto, food is love, food is life.

    Emma: HER Voice
    Emma is studying tourism in Brazil, loves to travel, and likes meeting new people. She also likes: art, books, music, photography, Netflix, animals, deep conversations and most of all…COFFEE! She plans to eventually travel the world and learn about all the cultures she can.

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