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We Now Have PROOF On Which Lesbian Stereotypes Are True

Nov 10, 2015

You’ve probably heard it before: “Lesbians all love cats” or “Lesbians are super into Roller Derby”, but is this actually true?
We analysed over 5 million messages sent in the app in the last month to prove whether these repeated lesbian stereotypes have any truth in them.
We looked into the top mentioned sports, how often our users talk about their ex girlfriends, how women identify themselves nowadays and more.
We have lots of “Breaking News” material in this post.

Stereotype #1: Lesbians Are Crazy Cat Ladies

Result: FALSE
This is an interesting one because it’s a stereotype that seems to be going for the past 40 years: lesbian love cats.
Do they? They might, but they certainly love dogs more.
infographic_1Dogs get mentioned 1.7 times MORE than cats. There were nearly 30,000 conversations regarding canines.
(Remember Her Cat?)

Stereotype #2: Lesbians are really into Roller Derby

Result: FALSE
Here’s the list of the top sports talked about by Her users:

  1. Soccer
  2. Softball
  3. Rugby
  4. Hockey
  5. Golf

We don’t know if it was the babes in the USWNT, but soccer has certainly found the heart of queer women across the globe.
Soccer could technically have an even bigger advantage over other sports, but because it’s referred by“Football” in a lot of countries. We will never know.
Rugby also probably has an unfair advantage because of timing – the Men’s Rugby World Cup is currently happening.
Roller Derby, however, is nowhere near that list. Even golf got talked about 3.3x more than Roller Derby. Who would have thought?

Stereotype #3: The L Word Will Always be Lesbians’ Favourite Show

Result: FALSE
Although The L Word will most likely be a lifetime (but hopefully not) reference for queer women across the globe, it’s certainly not the current most talked one.
Turns out Orange Is The New Black was talked about twice as much as The L Word across the Her platform.
Ruby Rose or Shane, the debate continues.

Stereotype #4: Lesbians Talk About A Lot About Their Exes. Maybe Too Soon.

Ex-girlfriends were mentioned in 1 in every 50 conversations the past month. That’s nearly 15 thousand women that went “Yes, I don’t know you that well but let me tell you about my ex”.
Or maybe they weren’t talking to people they’ve just met on the app, but to friends they had added with our new Friends feature.
Either way, ladies, let’s collectively all move on.

Stereotype #5: Her Is An App Only For Lesbian Women

Result: Dude, no
This is one we hear a loooot. Actually, only 41% of our userbase identifies as either lesbian or gay. Guess you did not see that one coming.
Obviously we do not believe in these stereotypes or perpetuating them, so making fun of them is a healthy exercise, specially when you have actual data.
Do you have any questions on LGBTQ women you would like to be answered with data?
Reply below and if it intrigues us enough, we’ll look into it!

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