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We met on HER: Featuring Kamille & Abby

Nov 12, 2015

We asked you to share your stories about how you met your friend, bff, or girlfriend on HER and received so many awesome ones! Kamille & Abby were one of the first two to share their story with us about how their relationship began on HER.

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Abby: “Kamille and I met through the app HER. We both liked one another’s photos and I soon messaged her afterward (how could I not?). From talking I could tell we had a lot in common and how easy the flow of conversation was. A week later of text messages and phone calls, we finally met for dinner at a nearby restaurant overlooking Cincinnati. During the entire meal I could barely speak without stuttering. She was absolutely beautiful and had me more nervous than I expected. Thank goodness she found it adorable and we’ve been together ever since.”  
Kamille: “I just graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Living in Cincinnati was very difficult for me because I was thousands of miles from home. The day I met Abby, I no longer felt alone. She was obviously my better half. She completes me. I am currently in Mississippi taking cyber space classes for the United States Air Force. Abby continues to work in Cincinnati. Although I am over 600 miles from Abby, we continue to maintain a strong and loving relationship. Abby supported me as I came out to my family. She’s been my biggest support since the day I met her. We plan to spend each holiday together and we video chat, call, and text everyday. Once I finish classes in Mississippi our goal is to move to my home city and her dream city, Los Angeles. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. “

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