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8 Surprising LGBTQ+ Breakups – Which is your worst?

May 18, 2016

8 Surprising LGBTQ+ Breakups – Which is your worst?

Spring has sprung, rain is falling, and couples are….breaking up?!?!  Social media is the news of this generation, and lately our news feeds are filled with some of our favorite relationships coming to an end.  With new endings comes new beginnings, but let’s look back on some of our favorite couples!
Shannon & Cammie
(Photo Cred: nowthisisliving)
These two started out together!! They were voted HER’s Number 1 Youtubers!  What will we do without them?? Will this be the last time we hear Shannon say “This is my beautiful girlfriend Cammie”? Say it ain’t so.
Stevie & Ally
(Photo Cred:
These two were the couple of the century.  Everything. Was. Perfect. From their vlogs to the duets they sang together, they were the epitome of #relationshipgoals.  Let’s hope that this isn’t the last we see if “Stally”.
K-Stew & Soko
(Photo Cred: oneworldnews)
The drama train is in full force with these two.  They’ve been broken up for a few weeks, and K-Stew has already walked the red carpet with ex-girlfriend Alicia Cargile, and Soko was seen with what people think is a subtle diss by holding ‘Lemons’ in a recent photo (in homage to Beyonce’s Lemonade).  I’m sure we will hear more over the summer…
Jodie Foster & Cydney Bernard
(Photo Cred: radaronline)
Yes. It has been about 7 years since it happened. Yes. We are still upset about it.
Amberscloset & Kiarra
(Photo Cred: Google+)
This was the start of the 2016 breakups, and we are definitely still feeling the feels.  Amber addressed her and Kiarra’s breakup in two videos, where she expressed herself so well… but the challenge videos that they did together will always be a positive memory in the Youtube world.
Ruby Rose & Phoebe
(Photo Cred:  Popsugar)
Seen everywhere together, whether it was Phoebe in the background of a DJ set or Ruby cooking at the restaurant Phoebe worked at, and gracing the covers of magazines, these two were the ‘Hollywood It couple’ for the LGBT community (besides Ellen and Portia, obvi).  As much as we miss them together, they have spread their wings and are doing big things!
Ellosteph & Madison
(Photo Cred:  Finebox)
Sad. Sad everywhere when ‘Stephison’ broke up.  Creating their own channel ‘ElloLove’ and moving in together, they truly made their viewers a part of their lives.  Which made it even HARDER when they broke up.  Now, Ellosteph and Taylor from Buzzfeed are becoming the new couple we ship.
While each of these breakups left us all stunned or heartbroken, we wish the best for each of these amazing women!

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