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10 Times Rose & Rosie defined #RelationshipGoals

May 27, 2016

Rose and Rosie are the Ellen and Portia of social media.  Everything they do, say and post is worshipped by their followers, and for great reason.  These two are smart, witty and sassy to no end (did we mention they are also GORGEOUS?!).  We love Rose and Rosie.  You love Rose and Rosie. And here are 10 moments that will forever have us showing our love for these ladies.
10.  Snapchat
rose and rosie snap
Rose and Rosie are the ultimate champions of snapchat.  Their photos and videos are like a live romantic-comedy.  If you don’t follow them already, we highly suggest you get on that train (@roseedix)
9.  Winning Awards
rose lgbt award
You know you are #RelationshipGoals when you receive an award for being awesome
8.  Social Media
rose twitter
But really…
rose and rosie
Look at them!
7.  Squad Goals
rose squad
#RelationshipGoals and #SquadGoals?!? *sigh* They’re perfect.
6.  Sharing Talents
rose singing
Just look at how supportive they are…😂
5.  Selfie Game Strong 
rose selfie
Rose and Rosie have mastered the mirror selfie. ***Flawless
4.  Being Adorable
rose snow kisses
Giving true meaning to the phrase “Eskimo Kisses”
3.  Enjoying Netflix
rose oitnb
Instead of watching the show, Rose and Rosie take the time to interview the cast of Orange is the New Black.  Way better than Netflix and Chill.
2.  Expressing their Love
rose and rosie who
1.  Wedding Day
rose wedding
#RelationshipGoals Reached.
(All photos were found on Tumblr)

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