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Looking for transgender clothing in the UK? Here are HER’s top tips

Robyn Exton

Aug 26, 2022

Looking for transgender clothing in the UK? Here are HER’s top tips

Clothing is a form of self-expression. When we get dressed in the morning, we’ve got the opportunity to show our genuine selves through our fashion. But beyond that, our clothing is a big part of how we present ourselves to the world.

Clothing can make you feel free or vulnerable, authentic or hidden. Finding the right look can be both fun and challenging. We all face those fluorescent lights and full-length mirrors in the dressing rooms. But if you’re looking for transgender clothing in the UK, shopping for clothing can add extra challenges.

😕 Which fitting room should I use?

😕 Is this store safe for me?

😕 Will there be clothes that fit both my gender expression and my body?

At HER, we see you. And we want you to be able to fully experience the joy of finding that perfect outfit without the worry of facing prejudice or judgment. So in this article, you’ll share tips and tricks for hassle-free shopping + some great trans-friendly clothing shops in the UK.

Tips for transgender clothes shopping

Bring a supportive friend

If you’re nervous about shopping, a supportive friend can take some of the pressure off. They can step in and help deal with any issues that come up, grab different styles and sizes while you’re in the dressing room, and be your cheerleader.

Shop at vintage and thrift stores

These types of stores offer a wide variety of clothing and styles. Shopping vintage is a great way to try out different looks without making a big investment. And many resale shops have a pretty chill vibe that may feel more comfortable than a traditional store.

Shop online

In the past few years, loads of trans-friendly clothing shops in the UK have popped up online. A quick search will yield lots of choices. Whether you’re looking for products like binders, trans-friendly sizes, or a screen t-shirt that expresses your identity, online stores are a great place to look. 

Look for inclusivity clues

If you’re not sure if a shop is trans-friendly, look for clues like inclusive mannequins or models, queer-presenting salespeople, and LGBTQ+ symbols on display. And trust your intuition. If a shop has a good vibe, it’s probably worth checking out.

Know before you go

There are lots of in-person shops that are proudly trans-friendly. An online search will reveal what’s near you. If you’re looking for transgender clothing in the UK, check out what we’ve found. ⬇

In-Person Transgender Clothing Shops in the UK

Regardless of where you’re at in your transition, you need clothes that fit well, feel good, and help bring out your authentic self.

You could go to any store and shop in the department of the gender you identify with. But that doesn’t mean that the clothes will fit or feel good. Trans people fall on a beautiful spectrum. But the world hasn’t fully caught up yet. So it can be hard to find clothes that have the right vibe and the right fit.

If you’re shopping for transgender clothing in the UK, we’ve done some of the research for you. In the shops listed below, you’ll find a wide variety of clothes, gender-affirming undergarments — including binders for FtM or breast forms for MtF, and helpful salespeople. 

69b Boutique

Located at 69b Broadway Market in London, the 69b Boutique is committed to sustainability. This shop offers both online and in-person shopping for clothing and accessories. And they’re so committed to inclusivity that they’ve signed the Trans-Friendly Pledge, demonstrating their intention to treat all trans and non-binary customers with respect and dignity.

British Red Cross – Charity Shop

Located in Old Swan in Liverpool, this vintage store offers designer and vintage clothing in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can find a wide variety of styles and sizes in this resale shop. Committed to serving all people, the British Red Cross Charity Shop has also signed the Trans-Friendly Pledge.


This sustainable brand and lifestyle shop located in Herne Hill features brands like People Tree, Stella Novea, LF Markey, Stella Nova, Wolf & Moon, and more. Lowie is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable space for transgender and non-binary people. They have also signed the Trans-Friendly Pledge. The Lowie brand was built out of the founder’s love for traditional handicraft techniques, heritage elements, and a commitment to protecting the planet. 


This shop is geared toward MtF trans folks. They offer a wide variety of products, including clothing, lingerie, wigs, cosmetics, and personal items. Transformation is a not-for-profit supplier of transition-supporting hormones as well.

  • If you’re shopping for a hot date, grab that perfect outfit and read all about safe transgender dating here.


While primarily an online shop, Translife also welcomes in-person customers to their West Sussex location — see their website for more details on in-person shopping. This shop goes beyond just clothing. You can find hair systems + wigs, breast forms, shoes, and even wide-fitting nails. 

Void Clothing

With an inclusive Pride flag as their logo, this shop proudly supplies LGBTQ+ friendly clothing, body jewelry, accessories, and more. You can visit their shop in Hockley, Nottingham, or you can order online. 

Online Transgender Clothing Shops in the UK

Cakes With Faces

This UK-based shop features shirts, dresses, hoodies, and more all designed by UK graphic artist Amy Crabtree. While the clothing categories are gendered, the website explains how to find the right size for your body in each item’s description. This shop donates 20% of its Pride collection sales to LGBTQ+ charities.


Etsy is a site where small business owners can list their wares for sale. Yes, Etsy does take a share of the profits. But it’s a great place to find smaller businesses that wouldn’t be found otherwise. If you search Etsy for transgender clothing, you’ll find a lot of options. Etsy has sites in a variety of countries, including the UK.

Gender Free World

Here you’ll find products including loads of shirts, underwear, caps, and a few novelties like badges and tea towels. Shopping here frees you from gendered sizing. Gender Free World has their shirts classified with a super-inclusive body type system.

Gender Swap

If you’re struggling to afford gender-affirming clothing in the UK, Gender Swap is for you. They stock G(end)er Swap merchandise, transitional items, and self-care items — including low-cost binders for folks who need them.

Spectrum Outfitters

Spectrum Outfitters proudly supports the trans community. Front and centre of their website, you’ll find a blue, pink, and white logo, along with a super cute picture of happy trans people. This online shop supplies trans clothing and products. You’ll find binders, boxers and packers, packing swimwear, and a few fun t-shirts.

You deserve safe and happy shopping

Shopping for clothes as a trans or non-binary person can be a challenge. But it is totally possible to find the clothes you need in affirming spaces. Whether you shop in person, online, or decide to dig through the goodies at a resale shop, it is possible to have a great shopping experience. All trans people deserve dignity, safety, and the freedom to dress in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. Trans joy is magic!

If you’re in the UK — or you plan on visiting — check out these trans-friendly clothing shops. The more our community supports trans-friendly businesses, the more will pop up in the future.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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