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The best trans clubs in London

Robyn Exton

Aug 31, 2022

The best trans clubs in London
  • We know all too well that finding LGBTQ+ clubs and bars can be a challenge worldwide. Transgender folks, in particular, can often struggle to find accepting spots even within the queer spaces that do exist. Some well-loved queer venues may feel more welcoming for cis gay patrons and don’t always offer inclusive events by and for the trans community. 

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    Everyone deserves a night out, so we’ve rounded up some of the best trans clubs in London, including queer bars with themed nights for trans people 🏳️‍⚧️✨. These spaces are filled with trans-friendly events, transgender performers and staff, and make the perfect hang-out spot to dance, meet other open-minded and accepting folks, and of course, for a trans date as well.

    Be out and proud at The Wayout Club

    The Wayout Club is London’s leading transgender nightclub. This trans-friendly club has been around since 1993. Its owner, Vicky Lee, is a trans woman who loved exploring London’s transgender bars in the ‘80s. She’s even written books on the transgender experience, so she makes sure her establishment is a safe space for all.

    The Wayout Club, located at The Minories, 64-73 Minories, proudly call themselves a club “where gender has no boundary and neither does love.” All are welcome at The Way Out Club, but weekly events highlight trans community members. One ongoing party is The T-Party Girls, a dance show featuring performances from trans women. 

    Reviewers online rave about The Wayout Club. A local guide called it a “lovely, unique place” for transgender people and those who love them. One reviewer noted that the atmosphere was “nice and welcoming” and was filled with “open-minded and lovely people.”  One trans MtF reviewer said “5 stars is not enough … I got wasted 100% @ the club, loved every minute of it, am going back 4 more.” Cheers to that. 

    Choose your own adventure at Transgender Club at 6 Leytonstone Road is for the transgender community and their LGB admirers. The vibe is discreet and intimate while still being secure and cosy. 

    This unmissable trans club in London is a meeting place for like-minded, open individuals who won’t pass judgment. The dress code suggests provocative, smart casual, and fabulous attire, and wants you to feel free to express yourself however you feel comfortable. 

    Every Saturday, let loose at their 2022 Party Nights. These are both social and XXX events for whatever piques your interest. At the party, you can hang out on three floors, which hold a cloakroom, changing room, bar, dance floor, comfy cabins, private zones, video rooms, a lounge, a basement, and a garden. has it all, no matter what your vibe is. 

    One online review from a regular said the trans-friendly bar caters to trans women and their admirers alike.

    Ted’s Place is the place to be

    Ted’s Place has been a beloved queer institution since it opened in 1990. The basement bar is intimate and discreetly tucked in the heart of Fulham at 305a North End Rd. The lighting is dim and the walls are dark instead of this well-known club, offering a laid-back vibe to all of its many visitors. 

    The website notes that while it’s a favorite hang for local residents, people travel from across the world to check out this trans nightclub in London.   

    People of all genders are welcome throughout the week, but this trans-friendly bar has special nights dedicated to queer and trans people and their admirers. Thursdays and Sundays offer a party specifically for the trans community, gay men, and their admirers. 

    Reviews online commend the space for its welcoming atmosphere. “I had the best time ever, a young transgender girl with NO experience and going through so much, but I was accepted there and felt I was home,” wrote one user.  

    Think outside of the gender box at Bombshell

    Bombshell calls itself London’s premier club for trans, drag, non-binary, and gender-bending friends and lovers alike. In the heart of Soho at 30 Lisle St, tucked into the basement of LGBTQ+ favourite Ku Bar, Bombshell is a safe haven for “anyone who thinks outside the gender box and their friends” to go clubbing. Gender-free toilets are available for an added level of comfort. 

    You can meet open-minded, trans and trans-friendly partygoers at Bombshell or catch live cabaret performances from some of the hottest drag stars in the UK. DJs set the tune with some of the best disco, RnB, and pop music. 

    “Bombshell is such a wonderful place to go, for t girls, drags and the guys who admire them … I’ve made so many new friends from there … Such nice people and good shows.Great tunes. Great people,” wrote one reviewer. Sounds like a great time!

    Get tempted at Zodiac Bar

    This list couldn’t be complete without the Zodiac bar, one of the best spots if you’re looking for a trans bar in London. Located at 119 Hampstead Road, Zodiac is a loud and proud LGBTQ+ bar and club — and it’s London’s newest queer venue! Its entertainment lineup is always jam-packed, but you don’t want to miss its Temptation party. Every Thursday, catch London’s hottest transgender party, thrown by and for trans women and allies. The trans-friendly event features talented and sexy gogo dancers who put on live shows, and the venue boasts their lineup is full of London’s best transgals.  

    Online reviewers rave about the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, great music, and friendly staff. “A place for queer people to feel valid and safe and celebrate who they are without judgement,” wrote one reviewer. 

    Finding a trans-friendly bar in London and beyond can be a challenge due to safety concerns and a dwindling supply of queer clubs in general. Luckily, there are still plenty of spaces around the city that cater to a trans crowd and their allies through themed nights, a welcoming atmosphere, and access to the community. 

    Next time you’re in the mood to hit the town, check out one of these inclusive and fun spots. Don’t want to go alone? Hitting up new friends on HER app is a great way to connect with trans, gender nonconforming and like-minded people, and see where the night takes you.

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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