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As told by a vagitarian: How to master the beautiful art of cunnilingus

Robyn Exton

Sep 02, 2023

As told by a vagitarian: How to master the beautiful art of cunnilingus
  • Want to treat your partner to the night of a lifetime? Well, you must know how to give great head! Let us guide you on this sexy adventure,  diving deep into the art of pleasuring your boo’s honey pot and bringing out the fireworks within. 

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    First of all, what’s a vagitarian?

    Let’s get down to business and understand this fabulous term. No, it’s not a new vegan subgroup, but it’s lesbian slang for someone on a delightful diet of vaginas. Not in the literal sense but in the oral sex sense. 

    Used mainly in sapphic conversations, it is all about indulging in the divine fine art of cunnilingus and excelling at it. Vagitarians are connoisseurs of pleasure, relishing every taste, texture, and sensation. 

    Hold up. What’s cunnilingus?

    Cunnilingus derives from the Latin words “cunnus” (which means, you guessed it, vulva) and “lingere” (the fancy term for licking). So, this practice of artful oral pleasure is all about sensually savoring the pussy with skillful licks and delicate touches.

    It is a staple in most sexual encounters with a woman or an AFAB person, and it provides an incredibly pleasurable way to stimulate the clitoris and other parts of the vulva.

    A step-by-step guide to becoming a skillful vagitarian

    Alright, my lovelies, brace yourselves for the grand reveal: everything you need to know to become a pro at tongue-pleasing your partner. Remember, these are fun suggestions, not strict rules. Use your instincts and let their responses be your roadmap to paradise.

    1. Set the mood: Light some candles, lay out plush pillows, and create a seductive ambiance that screams, “let’s get it on!”
    1. Foreplay finesse: Tease and tantalize with soft kisses and caresses. Build up the anticipation by exploring her erogenous zones.
    1. Keep it protected: Make the dental dam an essential part of your toolkit. This thin latex or polyurethane layer creates a barrier between your mouth and your partner’s vulva, preventing STIs.
    2. The main event: Start with slow, teasing kisses around the vulva. Use your breath to send shivers down their spine, awakening their senses.
    1. Tongue tango: Now, let your tongue do the talking. Explore different techniques—gentle licks, flicks, and swirls—to find what makes them squirm with pleasure.
    1. Clitoral charms: The clitoris is your best friend here. Gently caress it with your tongue, experimenting with varying pressure and rhythm.
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    1. Savor the sensitive spots: Don’t neglect the labia, the entrance, and the perineum. Each has its own magic touch that can send them over the edge.
    1. Listen up: Keep the conversation of moans and sighs alive. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and adjust your moves accordingly.

    Think of their body as a treasure map waiting to be explored. The clitoris is the crown jewel, but don’t forget the G-spot and the surrounding areas. The most important thing to know is that everyone is different, and the perfect cunnilingus strategy will vary from person to person, so make it a priority to cater to their unique pleasure and yours.

    What seasoned vagitarians have to say

    Real-life experience is what makes a pro, so check out some fantastic advice from the vagitarians on the Internet.

    Build up the momentum 

    “My best advice would be to build things up. Don’t start straight with her clit. Make out, take things slow, touch her whole body, kiss her whole body, then start teasing her with your tongue. Usually, I don’t start actually eating her out until she’s almost begging for it (you can tell this from wetness level, moaning, and body language).”

    User z0mbieskin on r/actuallesbians
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    Stay cozy

    “If it takes long enough that your neck/back begins to hurt, don’t be afraid to chuck a pillow under her bum before you start. Little bit awkward the first few times, but sexier than having to call a time out because of neck cramps.”

    User MidnightMalaga on r/actuallesbians

    You have more than one tool

    “Keep your hands busy. In general, it feels great if they’re using their hands during cunnilingus, whether that is to caress her body, finger her, or anything else. It adds a lot. Note: If you finger a girl [or anyone with a vulva], you should start slowly; don’t just jam your fingers there. Ensure the area is well lubricated before penetration, and don’t be afraid to use store-bought lube.”

    Anonymous user on r/AskWomen
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    So, there you have it, a playful guide to the intricate practice of cunnilingus by expert vagitarians. Remember, the key to mastering this art is to savor the journey, embrace your partner’s desires, and communicate openly

    Be a true vagitarian who cherishes and celebrates the intoxicating world of oral intimacy. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or new to the realm of sapphic pleasures, let your senses be your guide, and you’ll undoubtedly leave your partner craving more!

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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