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5 Out Lesbian Footballers You Should Watch

Mar 21, 2015

Being an out lesbian soccer/football player in 2015 has to be a lot easier than it was ten, even five years ago. There is more acceptance in women’s sports than ever before (though we still aren’t quite where we should be). Unfortunately, there are not many out soccer players, but there are definitely five who are proud to be able to be themselves.

Megan Rapinoe_via FoxsportsMegan Rapinoe via
Megan Rapinoe_via ESPNMegan Rapinoe via

Megan Rapinoe. Megan is the coolest (she’s from Portland and she’s a twin)! Not only did she come out ahead of the 2012 Olympics in London in an interview with Out Magazine, but she’s done philanthropic work for the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the U.S. Olympic Committee. She is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, a nonprofit focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports. She is currently in a relationship with Sub Pop recording artist Sera Cahoone. Megan plays for the U.S. Women’s National Team and Seattle Reign FC.

Abby Wambach_via FlickrAbby Wambach via Flickr
abby wambach Abby Wambach via

Abby Wambach. What can I say about Abby Wambach? She’s the player we’ve wished would come out ever since she first stepped on the field back in 2001. In 2013, our wish came true. News broke that she married fellow soccer player and longtime partner, Sarah Huffman, in Hawaii (some of us also had broken hearts, ahem). Abby is a six-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year Award and was awarded the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year. She is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, along with 17 other professional women’s soccer players. The best thing about Abby, though? She is currently the leading all-time international scorer for men and women! What’s up.

2013 ESPY Awards - ArrivalsSarah Huffman and Abby Wambach via Huffington Post
Sarah Huffman_via InstagramSarah Huffman via Instagram

Sarah Huffman. Sarah Huffman came out as a lesbian in a statement on the Athlete Ally website in 2013. Mrs. Abby Wambach, anyone? She and Abby live in Portland with their many animals. Sarah currently plays for the Portland Thorns.

natasha actionNatasha Kai via
Natash Kai Natasha Kai via

Natasha Kai. Natasha Kai accidentally came out in an interview with while talking about a nasty break-up with her then girlfriend that had put her job on the line. She embraced it, and became one of three openly out individuals on the 2008 USA Olympic Team. Natasha is Hawaiian and has dozens of traditional Hawaiian tattoos all over her body (read: HOT). It doesn’t look like she’s playing club level anymore, but you can always google her to see more photos.

Meleana Shim_via TumblrMeleana Shim via Tumblr
Meleana Shim_via instagram Meleana Shim via Instagram

Meleana Shim. Meleana Shim, the youngest out player on this list (she’s 23), came out in an interview in 2013 saying that “[She is] very gay.” She is incredibly active as a volunteer in the community, and even states that she is a lesbian on her Athlete Ally profile. She plays alongside out teammate, Sarah Huffman, for the Portland Thorns.
Please let us know if we’ve missed any OUT lesbian players. There are those who give off that vibe, but might not be completely out.

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