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Elizabeth Beier Illustrates All Your Best (and worst) Nights at The Lexington

Mar 23, 2015

  • Elizabeth Beier is a woman who knows your lez life. She’s not only lived it herself, she’s drawn it out too. For the past few years she’s spent countless nights at the infamous drinking spot, The Lex. She’s penned down pretty much every encounter we’ve had there, perfectly. From the one that went way too far to the downright depressing, her cartoons not only feel close to home but pretty they much sum up everything The Lex has stood for over these past few decades. She’ll be exhibiting her comic strips at Mission Comics in May, but in the meantime, we asked her a bit about her project and where you can learn more.
    Q. What made you want to put pen to paper for the Lex cartoons? 
    The desire to impress women, of course. Well, seriously — I started drawing women at the Lexington Club as a way to introduce myself, in a way that was more original than offering them a drink or enthusiastically singing along to the jukebox’s Pat Benatar. I started collecting the drawings and thinking of it more as a “project” when I heard the bar was closing.
    Q. What have been some of your own best memories from the Lex?
    A. On Halloween of 2014 I held court at my favorite spot at the bar and drew gorgeous people in costume, who in turn bought me drinks. A cute woman (or at least — person who isn’t a cis guy) handed me a card that said “You are fucking awesome. Keep that shit up” and walked away. I ran into her again on my way to catch the BART and experienced the first kiss since my Major Break Up that felt fun and sexy. So — that was a good night.

    Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 11.40.43 PMThe Artiste – Elizabeth

    Q. What are you seeing coming from other artists about the venue?
    A. Stories, art, photos and interviews are being collected right now at I think this is going to be beautiful and encompass a lot of different kinds of expression.
    Q. Tell us about the event on Monday and who should go. 
    A. It’s May 23rd, at Mission Comics, a great business about a block away from where the Lex is now (although the bar will be closed by then, sniff.) I’ll present and read from my new Lexington Club related book which will include comics, paintings, and maybe some writing. I’ll bring original art to sell too, and so will other local artists TBD. People should go if they are missing the Lexington Club and want to see their crew, if they enjoy indie comics, or if they just dig queer community events. Androgynously beautiful, witty, creative women who have a thing for artsy singles are also encouraged to attend.
    Q. Where can we find out more about your work, and what you’ll be working on next? 
    A. I recently updated my website,, and you can preview some of the comics and/or buy them there. I have two books printed so far called Bisexual Trials and Errors (Issues 1 and 2), about me trying (and usually failing) to court the fairer sex. You can also check out my upcoming events on my site — which include a trip to New York for the first ever Queers and Comics conference May 7&8th. I’m going to be on a panel called “Queer Memoir,” and will update my blog with drawings and writings about all of the great queer artists I meet.
    Details for the event can be found here on Facebook
    And don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s website.

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