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Rose and Rosie Wedding: Every photo you wanted to see from Rose and Rosie's Wedding Day

Mar 25, 2015

Rose and Rosie Wedding: Every photo you wanted to see from Rose and Rosie's Wedding Day

A few months ago, well 9 months if we’re going to be precise, two of our FAVOURITE Youtube celesbians and all over incredible lovely human beings Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie got engaged. It was adorable, romantic, beautiful, and most importantly well-documented (thank you Rose! ). You can catch up on it here, in case you missed it.

So what happens after a lesbian engagement? A lesbian wedding! It was finally time for Rose and Rosie to get married and we’ve pulled together all of the best pictures of the Rose and Rosie wedding.
Here it is – the picture that will bring a tear to your eye.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.46.36
But let’s not get carried away. It began with an aisle…
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.43.20
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.57.27
And then there was an alter. The Rose and Rosie alter of ultimate lesbian weddings.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.44.03 Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.44.21
Some beautiful pictures were taken whilst the wedding register was signed.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.44.41
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.44.31
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.43.40
Followed by what has to be the most beautiful walk down the aisle (ever) as a newly married couple.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.43.03
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.44.59
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.57.36
Official pictures were taken.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.45.58
Of course there was cake.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.45.30 Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.45.40
 And then there was the party to end all lesbian parties…
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.46.14
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.46.07
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.57.47
A beautiful couple. An absolutely beautiful day. We wish you the best of love, life and happiness. From everyone @HER

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