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Behind The Scenes at the HER Photoshoot

May 14, 2015

A few months back we were lucky enough to hold a photoshoot with some absolute HOTTIES (you know who you are). And we thought it was long overdue that we let you check out the behind the scenes pics from V’Day 2015 and told you who captured the whole day.
Stacey Hatfield spends her days working at the to-die-for fashion site Net-A-Porter and took some time out of her weekend to come and shoot for us. She’s not only an incredibly skilled photographer, but she’s a beautiful human being who managed (somehow) to capture 14 lesbians running wild in one day. With skills across portrait, landscape and fashion she has given us some imagery that truly shows our community: from the nights out, to the gossip sessions, from the nights in, to the mornings in. You can see more of her work here. Marvel at this woman’s skill.
So the day of the photoshoot, well, it went down like this. Prosecco at 10am. Prosecco at 11am. Hair. Makeup (huge shout out to the wonderful Alice Brown who joined us for the day). More prosecco. Some more prosecco. PHOTOSHOOT.
14 incredible women from the HER community joined us for the day. They got into pyjamas, suits, tanks, snapbacks, beanies, and more often than not, bed. They kissed, cuddled, flirted but most importantly, had A LOT of fun. Did we mention we did it on Valentine’s day? Yip. Viv, Wenny, Sorcha, Soraya, Anisa, Tiny, Janet, Laura, Viv, Yoyo, Stacey and Barbara. You girls are on fire. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our HER hearts.
And considering it’s not too often that 14 lesbians get together and a porno is NOT filmed (well not quite), we thought we’d share some of the behind the scenes shots. Enjoy.
FULL DISCLOSURE: Off the back of this photoshoot 4 makeout sessions, a couple of sleepovers and one relationship was formed. Want to take part in our next one? Email with a pic of yourself and why you want to take part.

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