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Looking for a creative way to express your bi pride? Try bisexual drawings!

Robyn Exton

Mar 30, 2023

Looking for a creative way to express your bi pride? Try bisexual drawings!
  • In the LGBTQIA+ community we know that our queerness isn’t just one random aspect of our personality. It isn’t a compartmentalized piece of us. Queerness is a thread that runs through our entire existence. It’s a part of our relationships (obvi), but it’s also part of our personalities, our professional identities, and our style. It also shows up in our books, music, and art.

    And we can express that identity through our drawings and doodles. Today we’re going to dive into the wonderful world of bisexual drawings. Bi drawings are a great way to showcase your bisexual pride and identity.

    You can create some bisexual art worthy of display, delve into some serious drawing, or just do some doodling. Bisexual pride drawings can affirm your identity, connect you with your community, and give you some basic stress relief and fun.

    Where should you start? We’ve got some ideas…

    What are the bisexual symbols?

    You can find queer symbols all over the art world. But if you want to dig deeper into bisexual drawings, you’ll want to go beyond the standard queer rainbow.

    Each segment of the LGBTQ+ community has its own symbols. And if you want to do some bisexual drawings of your own, doodling around with the bi symbol is a fun place to start.

    Female bisexual symbol


    If you identify as a female bisexual, you can use this symbol and get creative. Whether you’re diving in and using color or just doodling in your notebook with a pen or pencil, you can use this symbol and build a whole drawing around it.


    Or if you’re feeling cutesy, you can add the hearts and intertwine them in lots of different ways!

    Male bisexual symbol


    If you identify as a bisexual male, you’ve got your own symbol! Very similar to the bisexual female symbol, this one is great for doodling, or creating your own abstract art with your symbol at the center.


    Or if stick figures are more your style, you could do all sorts of variations on this one. This picture is actually a tattoo design. If you come up with your own great drawing, maybe you’ll decide to make it your next queer tattoo!

    One of the great things about being bi is having the freedom to explore relationships with different genders. This tattoo design shows one woman with two men — a little touch of poly perhaps? But it could be drawn with two women and one man, two women, two men, and on and on. Oh, the possibilities!

    What are the bisexual colors?

    If you’re ready to whip out your markers or paints, there’s so much you can do with the bisexual colors. These colors blend together and bring to mind the soft lighting at twilight.

    The colors that represent bisexuality come from the bi flag.

    The bisexual flag consists of three horizontal stripes: pink, purple, and blue. Each color has its own symbolism. Pink represents same-sex attraction, blue represents opposite-sex attraction, and purple represents being attracted to two or more genders. 

    The flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998 as a way to represent and celebrate bisexuality. The colors were carefully chosen to reflect diversity and complexity. Today, the bisexual flag is a powerful symbol of visibility and pride for the bisexual community. It quickly gained popularity and is now widely recognized.

    Using the bisexual colors for art

    Incorporating the bisexual flag colors into your artwork is a great way to visually represent the bisexual community and its values. There are many different ways to create bisexual flag drawings. You could…

    🎨 Create a portrait of a bisexual person using the flag colors as a background, or use the colors to create a series of abstract pieces. 

    🎨 Incorporate the colors into a landscape painting. I’m thinking of a lovely spring evening at twilight.

    🎨 Use the bi colors to create a pattern or design. Think creative and abstract.

    The possibilities are endless! You can create with the bisexual colors to showcase your identity and raise awareness for bisexual representation.

    I put “bisexual” into an art AI generator and here’s what I got

    AI art is all the rage these days. And yes, there is some controversy over the sourcing of the materials used to create these AI drawings. There are also artists worried that AI is going to become an easy (and cheap) way to replace their work.

    Nothing compares to the work of an actual artist — with emotion, life experience, and creativity. But using an AI tool to get some inspiration for your bisexual drawings can be fun. I typed in “bisexual” and got these two images:

    I love the use of the bi colors. But I really wanted a drawing with people. So for the next round, I typed in “bisexual people” and got this one:

    Sources: Night Cafe Studio

    I don’t think this one totally captures true bi-joy. It looks a little bleak. But it could serve as some great inspiration for a bisexual drawing. Maybe add in some of the bi colors and sprinkle in some bi symbols camouflage in the landscape.

    Express your bi pride

    Bisexual art is a powerful way to celebrate the diverse experiences of the bisexual community. Whether you’re creating a simple sketch or a detailed painting, incorporating the colors and symbols of the bisexual flag can add depth and meaning to your work. By sharing these creations with the world, we can increase visibility and representation for bisexual people. And we can help combat the erasure and marginalization that too often plagues this community.

    Through art and creativity, we can amplify our voices and share our stories in a way that transcends language and culture. So pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, embrace the beauty and complexity of bisexuality, and join the movement to make the world a more inclusive and accepting place for all.

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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