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Bisexual Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow.

Apr 28, 2015

  • #StillBisexual


    Bisexual yesterday. Today. And tomorrow. This is the theme for a wonderful new campaign that’s beginning to circulate the interwebs. It’s giving those who identify as Bisexual a platform to shout their Bi-Pride from the rooftops (well technically, YouTube, but you get the idea).


     Credit: Lizzy the Lezzy

    Being Bi in the LGBTQI community is often seen as a stigma reinforced with statements like:

    Bi-Sexuals are just sluts!

    You’re dating a man? So…you’re straight now?

    Bi-Sexuality is just a phase.

    You’re Bi? Are you into threesomes?

    You’ve only dated one sex, how are you bi-sexual?

    You’re confused!

    Is this real life? Apparently, and that’s a shame! To help prove these, and so many other statements wrong, the hash tag #StillBisexual has been created and it’s taking off! #StillBisexual is a “confessional-style” video campaign that is out to shed some light on the misconception that Bisexuals don’t stay bi-sexual.

    The videos are produced silently through handwritten title cards that reveal peoples’ dating histories, discuss their initial thoughts on sexual identity, and show how others have reacted when they came out as Bi, etc. These videos definitely hit home, answer a lot of questions about what it’s like to be bisexual. They also teach some valuable lessons for those who are willing to learn them.

    bi-pride flag

    Credit: Huff Post Women

    This campaign wants to get one thing straight – bisexuals are NOT going through a phase. They are NOT confused. They just want to be the B in LGBTQI. They want to be recognized and accepted in a community that is already fighting so hard to have equal rights.

    People who identify as bisexual receive almost as much discrimination within the LGBTQI community as they do in the straight community, when what we should be striving for is acceptance and understanding no matter who you love!

    At HER, a judgment-free zone, we do not tolerate any discrimination. If one is found discriminating against others, they will be reported. Get to know like-minded people for friendship or even something more. You’ll feel right at home on this queer and bisexual dating app. Start browsing right now!

    Here’s some food for thought on this lovely day! Check out #StillBisexual’s featured video and keep up with their Twitter, Facebook and Website!

    Spread the love, y’all!

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