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Best Dating App for Bisexual and Bicurious Women

Jul 30, 2020

Best Dating App for Bisexual and Bicurious Women
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  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could connect with other bisexual and bi-curious women all in one app?

    Instead of spending countless hours on mainstream dating apps that never seem to have what you’re looking for, it’s time to join a community of other women-loving women who want the same things as you!

    Introducing HER — the fastest growing bisexual dating app that was designed by queer women for queer women.

    If you want to finally match with like-minded singles for friendship and love, then it’s time to download HER now!

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    Match with Local Women Online

    Being bisexual in the dating world is hard enough as it is, but have you ever dabbled in online dating apps as a bi woman?

    Talk about brutal…

    If straight folk and lesbians thought they had it bad, the swipe fatigue is real when it comes to bisexual dating.

    How could you possibly hope to connect with other queer gals in a sea of men who keep flooding your inbox because they’re curious if you’d like to meet their girlfriend?

    Unless of course, you’re looking for messages from couples asking you to be their third (which is cool, if that’s your thing).

    If not, then most hetero apps are usually a major letdown for bisexual and bi-curious women.

    It’s no secret that genuinely connecting with other bisexual women on dating apps always seems like such a rare occurrence.

    You know, about as likely as finding a magical unicorn!

    The fact of the matter is that most apps simply aren’t geared toward the LGBTQ+ crowd, especially when it comes to the B part… Bisexual invisibility is still a thing — even more so when it comes to online dating apps and sites.

    Quite often you’re only presented with the options of “straight” or “gay” when it comes to selecting your sexual orientation online.

    Then, on the other hand, it seems for those of us who identify as bisexual, we don’t quite fit in with the lesbian online dating apps either. It can feel like being in limbo since we don’t totally swing in either direction.

    So, what gives?

    If the straight apps just aren’t cutting it, and we aren’t completely welcome in the lesbian apps… Where does a bisexual or bi-curious gal go when she wants to flirt and chat with other bi and queer people?

    The good news is, there’s a new inclusive dating app on the LGBTQ+ scene.

    Local and international women from all over the world are gathering on the latest bisexual dating app, united by their bisexuality.

    HER is a safe place where you can meet other bisexual and bi-curious women — and be yourself right from the start.

    There’s nothing quite as refreshing as connecting with other women-loving women who’re looking for what you’re looking for. It’s a beautiful thing when you don’t have to try to explain your sexuality right out of the gate.

    And truthfully, there’s no other place that you’ll find so many gorgeous queer ladies gathered in one place.

    Unless you’re at a Hayley Kiyoko concert!

    All you have to do is download the free app and you can instantly start matching and chatting with other bisexual ladies from around the world.

    You can see who’s online at the same time and spark up a conversation about this year’s pride, OITNB, or swap coming out stories — whatever floats your boat.

    That means there’s no more need for picking up chicks in girl bars, hitting on the cute barista at your favorite coffee shop (that you’re not even sure is queer), or sliding into that lesbian’s DMs on Instagram.

    If you’ve got a phone and a wifi connection, you can download HER to connect with other women from home or on the go.

    Since the app was designed for queer women, you’ll feel right at home.

    That means there are plenty of bi, lesbian, trans, and non-binary people right at your fingertips when you’re in the mood to chat.

    And since the app is meant to be inclusive of all sexualities, you’ll never have to worry about explaining yours to anyone!

    Our Personals Can Help You Find Love

    In a world where most dating apps and websites out there are designed for a straight crowd, HER provides the world’s most popular bisexual and lesbian dating app for you to connect with your own tribe.

    Unlike other apps, you don’t just create a profile and start swiping — HER is much more than that.

    Our bisexual chat rooms and events make it easy for you to find your community. You’ll never have a shortage of people to talk to because HER is full of intriguing women from around the world.

    Whether you’ve got your eye on that gorgeous femme from Norway, that cute tomboy from England or a girl from your hometown, all it takes is one message.

    Well, an intriguing opening line to grab her attention wouldn’t hurt either!

    Our bisexual chat is inclusive of LGBTQ+ women from all walks of life — no matter how you identify.

    You can chat and share your experiences with other people who stand for the same things as you, like equality and inclusivity.

    (Plus, the chat rooms are monitored at all times so you never have to worry about creepy messages from dudes.)

    It’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded women who are looking for everything from friendship to dating to love.

    Who knows, you might even find ‘the one!’

    Ready to Start Chatting with Bi People? Download Our Free App!

    Are you ready to ditch the straight apps and start meeting people who are looking for the same things as you?

    Then it’s time to come mingle with other queer women on the fastest growing bisexual dating app in the queer community!

    Grab a drink of your choice, get cozy on your sofa at home or wherever you are, and come see all that HER has to offer!

    Whether you’re looking for friends, a hook-up, a first date, or to find your person, you’ll find all that and more on HER!

    Come discover the bisexual dating app that’s taking the globe by storm! You can download HER on Google Play or the Apple Store to find your community on our free bisexual dating app.

    Don’t wait! Find your own queer community today!

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