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Dattch Top 5 Dates: Ice Skating

Nov 11, 2013

So we’re not going for a full-on ‘It’s Christmas!’ post just yet but it’s getting super cold outside which makes it perfect weather to go ice skating. This week, take a look at the best outdoor rinks in London and make sure you don’t miss out this winter by booking now. If you’ve never been to an outdoor rink or you’re new to London, there’s nothing better than breathing in the cold night air with a date, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and potentially falling over a little bit. It’s a bit like being in a Richard Curtis movie.
Top tips for ice skating (because we’re total pros, obvs): bring extra socks – yours will get wet somehow and you’ll regret not bringing them when you realise that you’ll basically walking over ice for the next hour.
Gloves – padded are better to fight off the cold, plain old woolly ones are better for holding onto your girls’ hand as you romantically glide over the ice together.
A phone case – heaven forbid you try to take a selfie on the ice and drop your phone into a mound of snowy ice flakes at the edge of the rink, that’s technically water damage. Or if you drop it and have someone skate over the screen – these are the things nightmares are made of so make sure you’ve got some kind of protective case over your beloved phone.
Make sure you do your skates up as tight as you can handle; your ankles need the support and a tight skate will stop you falling arse over elbow in front of your date.
Other than that, God speed.
This week: get your skates on.

Somerset House – Located on The Strand, Somerset House is the classic skating experience in London. A nice central location, walking distance from restaurants and bars in Covent Garden (if you can walk when you’re done skating, well done to you) and close to the river for a great nighttime, post-skate walk. Special package deals are also available with The Savoy Hotel so if you fancy making  a weekend of it.

Natural History Museum – Skating against the gorgeous backdrop of the Museum is pretty romantic, especially in the evening as it’s all lit up. Take the time to roam around the surrounding area of South Kensington and pop down the road to Harrods to finish off the evening with some champagne.

Eyeskate – Under the glow of the London Eye, wobble around on the ice, hand-in-hand like the lovesick puppies you are at the Eyeskate rink.  There are some great restaurants on the Southbank and plenty of bars and pubs to sneak into when your done. Or do a London Eye double whammy and book yourself a trip on the big wheel itself.

Hampton Court Palace –  Skating in front of the gorgeous Palace will make you feel like you just stepped into a Christmas card. Make a proper day of it by enjoying the sights of the palace then enjoy a drink in the bar. But only after you’ve been skating; someone is bound to lose a finger if you drink before you hit the ice.

Tower of London – You can go shopping and see the sights any time, so this winter, head down to the Tower of London and your skate on. Take a walk inside the Tower, see the crown jewels and armor and stuff then head outside to enjoy this historic fortress-like building like never before.

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