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Dattch Top 5 Sites To Get Your Lezzie Life Started

Oct 30, 2013

We’re continuing our Top 5 takeover week and today we’ve selected the top blogs and websites to get your big gay life going if you’re in the closet or newly out.
They’ll guide you through good times and bad, give you relationship advice, sex tips, cat GIFS and whatever else your little lezzie heart could possibly need.  There are a tonne of official helpful websites for baby gays that will give proper ‘grownup’ advice with helplines and such but these sites will help you get your lezzie life started.

FisForr – For everything, and we do mean everything, related to sex, check out FisForr. If you never had the courage to google it, you haven’t got gay friends to ask and you haven’t got a very good imagination, writer Effi-Mai will help you out. It’s full of sexual mishaps, awkward encounters and plenty of unicorns; from relationship drama to sex and what goes where and who wears what, her blog is the funniest thing around for lesbos online.

Autostraddle – A great resource for women of all persuasions, Autostraddle is jam packed with cultural editorials, queer fashions, video blogs, politics and LOLs. There are also pieces that aren’t lez-specific like home decoration tips and TV recaps, so it’s an all-rounder.

AfterEllen – Taking a sometimes softer approach to lez culture and politics especially, AfterEllen is the website equivalent of a warm hug, telling you that everything is going to be OK. From our experience, you need that after coming out. The writing team are funny without being snarky and the TV recaps are always hilarious. The forums are also a great place to ask questions and make friends.

GirlGuideLondon – To find the best lesbian and bisexual nights out in London, check out GirlGuideLondon. Their listings are carefully curated so it’s not absolutely everything, which can be overwhelming, but a great selection of nights out. It’s all well and good being gay online but it’s much better in the real world, so find a night, grab a mate and get out there.

You Might Be  A Lesbian If… –  Honestly, this one is just for the LOLs. You Might Be A Lesbian If… is a lot of GIFS, sexy pictures and the adorable cuteness of lesbian couples. It’s a completely addictive tumblr so be ready to lose a few hours going through page after page. This blog will wrap you up in a warm lezzie blanket, make you giggle and leave you feeling really good about the fact that you love chicks.

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