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Questioning your gender identity? Try this gender identity Test and discover new ways to understand yourself better

Robyn Exton

Sep 02, 2023

Questioning your gender identity? Try this gender identity Test and discover new ways to understand yourself better

It would be wonderful to have a single quiz that can tell you if you’re cis, trans, nonbinary, or anywhere in between the gender spectrum. While gender identity is no longer diagnosed (as it isn’t a mental illness), we can provide some boxes you can check to organize your thoughts and feel more at ease with who you are.

Source: ILGA Europe

Remember, though, there is no “one way” to figure out what your gender is. Everyone’s journey and experience are unique, but there might be some signs to test out the waters and find out which identity fits the best with who you are on the inside.

Where do you fall on the gender identity spectrum?

Let’s start by unraveling the mysteries of gender identity. It’s no longer just a binary world; gender is like a dazzling rainbow – a spectrum that goes way beyond “he” and “she.” From non-binary to genderfluid and beyond, there are as many ways to express yourself as there are shades of color in the world.

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So don’t feel like you should fit in a certain box because you feel distant from your gender assigned at birth. There is an infinite number of identities, labels, and communities out there that can describe who you really are. Some examples are:

Psychology and gender dysphoria

Back in the day, diagnosing gender identity was a thing, but thankfully, times have changed. The DSM-5, the psychology rulebook, now respects that your identity is yours to define, with no diagnosis necessary—instead, the book talks about gender dysphoria

Source: Psych Central

Gender dysphoria is a term that’s often used in discussions about gender identity. It’s the distress one might feel when the gender they were assigned at birth doesn’t align with the one they identify as. This can manifest in various ways – emotional, psychological, or even physical. It’s like a conversation between your inner self and the outer world, a dialogue that can carry complexity and depth.

Not all trans folks experience dysphoria, and it’s important to acknowledge that. But if you feel it, we recommend you talk to a therapist about it. That way, you can find solutions that will allow you to live your beautiful, queer life to the fullest.

A quick gender identity test questionnaire

There are no wrong answers on this test. Follow our lead and ask yourself these questions to better understand your feelings and identity. 

Source: Medical News Today

  1. What aspects of yourself do you believe define your true essence? 

Is it your values, aspirations, relationships, or something else? Knowing this is crucial so that you don’t lose your sense of self and stay aware that you are much more than your chosen label.

  1. How do you feel most comfortable expressing yourself to the world?

Is it through your clothing, actions, words, or a combination of these? Apparel doesn’t have a gender, but the way you feel comfortable expressing who you are might be a clue.

  1. Reflect on a moment in your life when you felt the most connected to your inner self. What were you doing, and what emotions did you experience?

Pay attention and think if it was those moments where you did things that you were supposed to do, according to gender roles, or the ones where you challenged expectations.

  1. Are there individuals in your life, whether historical figures or personal acquaintances, whose journeys have influenced your perception of identity and self-discovery?

Were you obsessed with Joan of Arc in school? Be honest.

  1. Have there been times when you faced challenges in understanding your own identity? 

Think of it like the “canon events” in the Spiderverse franchise. How did those experiences contribute to your growth and self-awareness? 

Source: LinkedIn

  1. How did your cultural background and societal expectations influence the way you perceive your gender identity? 

Maybe you weren’t exposed to queer folks or queer history in your town growing up. Has this context sparked any moments of revelation or confusion later in life?

  1. Envision the person you aspire to become in the future. 

What would make you the happiest, and what steps can you take to ensure that your journey aligns with this vision, regardless of gender norms? 

  1. How has connecting with other queer folks or seeking professional guidance impacted your understanding of self?

If you haven’t done either of those things because it is not a possibility for you, we recommend you watch media like Sex Education (2013 – 2023) or Pose (2018 – 2021) to see if you feel seen.

  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how at peace do you feel with your current understanding of your gender identity? 

What factors contribute to this level of acceptance? What would you change?

  1. Do you think figuring out your gender identity would make you feel fulfilled?

You might not know all the answers or what the future holds, but if this is an important puzzle piece missing in your life, that’s a huge sign.

Tests and quizzes we recommend for your self-exploration journey

We must clarify that online quiz games are not the most accurate tools, nor are they made by professionals, but if you want to entertain yourself, clear some thoughts, or confirm something, these are the ones we recommend:

Gender Quiz: What Is Your TRUE Gender Identity?

Like many quizzes, this one may feel too binary when it comes to the answers. Still, we love that the possible results include options like genderqueer or genderfluid, making them more broad and inclusive to other identities, as they tend to be umbrella terms.

Source: Human Rights Campaign

Comprehensive Identity Test

The questions might feel a little too “on the nose,” but we think it’s a good grounding experiment to ask ourselves the obvious, allowing us to reach a breakthrough and even self-acceptance faster.

Source: Included Health

Gender Quiz aka. “Gender Identity Test”

This quiz is more lighthearted, fun, and arbitrary, as it claims to find answers by knowing your favorite ride at Disneyland. The results do not showcase gender identity but the percentage of feminine and masculine traits you possess mentally. That way, you can analyze the way you express gender and come to a conclusion by yourself. 

What happens next?

Ta-da! You’ve embarked on this fabulous quest and discovered new dimensions of yourself. So, what’s next? You’re not alone, darling. Finding support within your community is essential, and HER is the perfect place to begin. It’s a must-have app, with social forums, friendly matches, and ensured safety. In the end, the journey is uniquely yours, but the path is well-trodden with amazing people who’ve got your back.

Source: GoodRx

As you move forward, know that gender is just one facet of identity. Embrace the evolving nature of your existence, and allow it to shape you into the confident and self-assured person you are destined to be.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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