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Get Ready for a Summer of Love with Hot LELO Discounts

Jul 14, 2021

Get Ready for a Summer of Love with Hot LELO Discounts

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Treat yourself for the summer and shop LELO’s newest devices at 20% OFF**.

Finding your soulmate is one thing, but getting a sex toy that serves your every need is a whole different game.

Take SILA as an example, a sonic clitoral massager that teaches you to listen to your body and gradually build your way up to an intense orgasm.

Made with extra-soft silicone for a completely natural feeling, SILA™ offers gentle clitoral stimulation using sonic waves to enhance the orgasmic sensation.

Its large and soft mouth covers your entire erogenous area and spreads the sonic waves with equal intensity, taking you step by step closer to a magical release.

In addition, it comes with 8  pleasure settings that give you much-needed room to experiment with different sensations as you eagerly approach the edge.

SILA™ is all about self-love, but rest assured, you’ll be getting much more than that. 

If you feel like you can handle more than one orgasm at a time, then LELO’s ENIGMA is the perfect toy for you. This dual stimulation sonic massager stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot for an otherworldly blended orgasm.

Unlock the best of both worlds with a deep clitoral stimulation while the flexible internal arm vibrates inside you and caresses your G-spot.

ENIGMA™ makes that possible using signature SenSonic™ technology along with a beautiful design sculpted to perfectly fit your anatomy. 

It also comes with 8 different pleasure settings, allowing you to discover the secrets of dual stimulation at the palm of your hands. 

Use the special discount HER20 to get 20% all regular-priced items until 8/31.

Enjoy discounts on these and many other LELO bestselling devices at a fraction of the price, and embark on the best summer adventure of your life!

** 20% off applies to regular-priced items only. Discount does not apply items already on discount, bundles, or luxe items

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