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3 Ways Good Credit Could Make Post-Lockdown Life a Little EASIER

Jul 14, 2021

3 Ways Good Credit Could Make Post-Lockdown Life a Little EASIER
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    It’s time. 

    Your sweatpants are a tapestry of stains from your year in lockdown – the pasta sauce (wild Friday), the yellow smudge (from when you decided painting mugs was your pandemic hobby), then there are the tears (who knew they stained???).

    Life hit a liiiiittle different this past year. We’re ready to move on.

    Let’s talk about how a good credit score could help get you out of the house.

    And into a new home…

    Chances are, you could paint every inch of your apartment onto one of those lockdown mugs. You’ve paced it 3,405,476,590 times, and it’s time for a change of scenery.

    Whether you’re buying (*note: anyone else turned to humor as a coping mechanism?) or renting, your credit score matters.

    Landlords often check credit scores to sum up your ‘reliability’ before handing over the keys. A score of 670+ will make ditching the room you stockpiled toilet paper in a hell of a lot easier.

    Drive away from your problems

    Get a loan for a car and drive. Drive until your right leg doesn’t feel like yours anymore and you feel reborn. In order to access the freedom having a car gives you though, well, you’ll need a car.

    It’s 2021, most of us are having trauma dreams about student debt so buying is probably out of the question for a little. You’ll need to apply for an auto-loan and yes, you guessed it, the Loan people check your credit score – a little work on that and your road trip to self-peace becomes a whole lot easier.

    Your job, it could change

    IF you were one of the lucky ones who kept their job throughout lockdown, congrats, but this applies to you too (15 months of staring at yourself on Zoom comes with repercussions).

    Employers often look at your credit score in the hiring process. It doesn’t need to be through the roof, but if you’re in that sweet spot (670+) then you’re more likely to get that job of dreams – So, whether you’re looking for work or quite frankly just sick of the way your boss says good morning, a good credit score is gonna help you unlock your next steps.

    Luckily, unf*cking your credit doesn’t have to suck. If you do it with Cleo.

    Nor does your entire relationship with your bank balance for that matter. As a money app that has (v. proudly) got your back, downloading Cleo gets you access to things like budgets, save hacks, and personalized spending breakdowns (the good kind). Your money relationship is about to change for good, and it’s down to Cleo’s devastating AI. 

    Cleo’s latest stab at saving you from the banks (and your complicated relationship with Amazon) is the credit builder card. If you wanna track your score and work on bumping it by simply living your life, this is your ticket.

    Just type ‘credit builder card’ to Cleo. Your credit builder card is gonna look so nice in that new pad! 

    *Cleo Credit Builder Card issued by WebBank, Member FDIC

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