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7 Ways to Give Back to the LGBTQ+ Community Without Leaving your Couch

Jan 27, 2018

We all want to give back, but it’s hard to know where or how to start. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to start new things at all. What better way to give back than to our own community?  If your New Year’s resolutions don’t include giving back, add it to the list. We’ve made it easy with a list of ways to give back to the LGBTQ+ community without having to leave your couch. So plop on down, grab your favorite pillow, and make sure your phone is charged up because you are about to do some good.

1. Donate to LGBTQ+ charities nationwide and locally

Simply googling LGBTQ+ charities will give you 530,000+ results, so try being a little more specific. If staying local is important to you, look for an organization within your city. Want to support LGBTQ+ youth? Look into youth centers and programs. Mental health, the transgender community, the homeless, the list goes on. Most of these charities will have links to donate directly on their websites.

2. Spread awareness

It’s understandable that monetary donations aren’t always a possibility. However, spreading awareness for LGBTQ+ causes costs exactly $0.00. A link on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, or tag on Instagram can go a long way. Share a fundraiser, hotline number, or information on how to get involved, you never know who could benefit.

3. Support LGBTQ+ creators

For a lot of the queer community, support from family or peers can be scarce. That support and inclusion can be derived from LGBTQ+ creators. Queer YouTubers, singers, writers or artists can be a form of escape or someone to look up to.  Hit subscribe, reblog, replay, reread. Keep our queer creators going, or maybe become one yourself.

4. Share your story

No matter what your journey entails, you should be proud of it. It’s inspiring that you have made it to where you are today. Post your coming out story, a difficult time you went through, the love you have found, or have lost. Your story could influence someone to do the same.

5. Random acts of kindness

Acknowledgement and validation from your peers can go a long way. Take some time out of your day to browse social media tags. Search for keywords like #pride, #comingout, #lgbt, #trans, #qpoc, etc. and spread some love. A like or comment from a stranger could make someone’s day.

6. Celebrate and support equality worldwide

A lot of the world is still fighting for equality.  The progress over the last few years does not mean the fight is over. Show your support for equality in other countries; share an article, sign a petition, educate and teach others. And when equality spreads, congratulate them. What could be better than your whole community celebrating love alongside you?

7. Be proud of who you are

Shout it from the rooftops! Wear your flag. Show the world that you are unstoppable. Your pride could start a chain reaction. Because that’s the end goal, right? For everyone to be proud of who they are and who they love.

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