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Monday Dattch Chat: OITNB And Orphan Black

Mar 17, 2014

Last week, Team Dattch spent most of our time deciding what to wear to the Lesbian Prom and, as those who saw us know, we wimped out and wore our Dattch shirts over a nice tux or dress.  We couldn’t decide!  Anywho, all that pre-planning that went into the Prom meant that we missed out on a bunch of Internet type things and we thought that maybe you did too.  So here’s our Dattch Chat on Monday rather than Sunday because the Prom punch abolsutely destroyed us and meant we spent Sunday putting ourselves together again. Soz.
Over on AfterEllen, you can check out some new pictures and a teaser trailer from season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, everyone’s favourite lesbian prison show on Netflix.  Firstly, how hawt does Laverne Cox look?! Secondly, Natasha Lyonne in a suit – ’nuff said and Lorna in a little sailor’s dress is so cute, we can’t even.

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